Black and minority contractor assistance fund

Closed meetings, award of state and local contracts

Covenant not to compete, restrictions

Government Contract Review Committee, procedures

Government contracts, apprenticeship preference

Government contracts, resident bidder preference

Government contracts, resident preference

Health care services agencies, direct care staff, limit

Health insurance, provider contracts, self-pay negotiation

Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Kentucky Community and Technical College System, chief executive officer, selection

Labor or materials, liens, owners of property, lease prohibition

Landlord and tenant, unpaid rent, remedy timeframe

Landlord tenant, forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Legislative Research Commission, Government Contract Review Committee

Local government procurement, exemptions

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding transaction, champerty, exception

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding transaction contracts, regulatory requirements

Police employment, reimbursement for training

Postsecondary institutions, Model Procurement Code, choice of law, exception

Procurement contracts, responsibility of bidder, determination

Public charter school, three year contract term, establish

Public charter schools, nonprofit education service providers, require

Real property, equitable interest, advertising

Sporting events, state agencies, professional teams, national anthem, requirement

State, debarment of contractors, grounds and procedure

State, Government Contract Review Committee

State, procurement by agent convicted of crime, award prohibition

State, procurement by bidder employing agent convicted of crime, award prohibition

State, procurement participation by former employee, limited prohibition

Student athlete, athlete agent agreement

Student athlete, name, image, and likeness agreements

Uniform Commercial Code, emerging technology amendments

Uniform Residential and Landlord Tenant Act

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