Corrections Impact

Advertising for legal services, regulating

Alternative to ordinary prosecution, behavioral health disorder, pilot program

Animal abuse, establishment of crimes in the first, second degree, immunity

Bail, out-of-county warrants, incarceration costs, transport

Board of elections, requirements prescribed

Cannabis, constitutional amendment, guarantee of rights

Cannabis legalization, omnibus bill

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Capital offense, executions, mental illness exemption

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition, exceptions

Charitable bail organizations, restrictions

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Concealed deadly weapon, authorization to carry without a license, recision

County jails, inmate fees and accounts

Credit for time served, home incarceration without global positioning monitoring system

Criminal abuse in the first degree, increased penalties if the victim is under 12 years of age

Criminal offense, unauthorized practice of law, penalty enhancement

Criminal procedure, civil actions, specified criminal proceedings, remote or virtual appearance

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, hearing, indigent persons

Driving under the influence, penalty enhancement

Election audits, requirements

Enhanced sentence, increase, carfentanil and fentanyl

Federal firearm laws, unlawful enforcement, Class B misdemeanor

Fees for lodging state prisoners

Felony, false reporting, precipitating emergency response

Fraudulent assisted reproduction, civil action

Fraudulent assisted reproduction, Class D felony

Fraudulent reporting, Class D Felony, medical practitioners

Gaming and wagering, omnibus bill

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment

Incest, delineation of familial relationship

Incest, penalty enhancement

Incest, penalty enhancement, familial relationship, addition

Inmates, substance use disorder treatment, Medicaid coverage, requirement

Kentucky Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms List, prohibition of firearms sales or transfers

Marijuana convictions, expungement

Medicinal cammabis program, establishment

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

No automobile insurance, penalties, expungement rights

Order for reimbursement of jail fees, sentencing court, conviction requirement

Orders of protection, second or subsequent violation, felony

Penalty enhancements, violations of offenses during a riot

Persistent felony offender, jury discretion for enhanced penalty

Persistent felony offender, requirements

Pilot program, criminal offense, treatment alternative to prosecution

Pornography, removal of education justification for exemption

Pregnant women inmates, requirements

Pretrial release; conditions

Pretrial release, conditions, delays, forensic testing

Pretrial release, prohibition of money bail

Probation, revocation, graduated sanctions, consideration requirement

Prohibited Acts, election officials, penalities prescribed

Prohibited acts relating to election administration, disclosure requirements, penalties prescribed

Public Protection Cabinet, wagering

Racing commission, licensing, penalties, tax collection, wagering

Rape in the third degree, additional element

Rape, sodomy, expanded definition

Reimbursement for time served or credit for time served for felons lodged in jail

Reimbursement of jail fees, conviction requirement

Riot offenses, restitution and mandatory minimum sentence of incarceration

Robbery in the second degree, enhanced penalty during a declared emergency

Sentencing, probation with alternative sentence, primary custodian

Sodomy in the fourth degree, repeal

Sodomy in the third degree, additional element

Solitary confinement, limitations on

Sports officials, intimidation, creation of offense

Sports wagering

State Board of Elections, omnibus election bill

State lottery, altered or counterfeit ticket

Terroristic threatening, domestic violence shelters

Theft by unlawful taking, enhanced penalty during a declared emergency

Theft of mail matter, inclusion of common carriers and delivery services

Torture of dog or cat, increased penalty

Torture of dog or cat, penalty increasing

Tracking in and possession of a controlled substance, kratom

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition, Baby Dre Gun Safety Act

Use of tracking device, criminalization

Violent offender, incest, qualification

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