Education, Vocational

Barbering schools, requirements for teachers

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Career and Technical Education Student Leadership Day, recognizing

Commonwealth Education Continuum, P-20 education, collaboration and integration

Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center, creation

Cosmetology, instructional hours

Dual credit scholarship, career and technical education courses, addition

Employee organizations, dues, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, technical changes

Esthetic practices, instructional hours

Federally certifed entry-level CDL training providers, exemption form state requirements

Federally certified entry-level CDL training providers, exemption from state requirements

KCTCS, apprenticeships, provision of educational component

KEES scholarships, proprietary school students, reimbursement

KEES scholarships, proprietary schools, eligibility

KEES scholarships, qualified proprietary school program, eligibility

Labor Cabinet and Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, consolidation

Library district board members, education requirements, adjusted

Library district boards, building usage permitted

Library district boards, building usage, vote requirements

Nail technology, instructional hours

National Guard, call to active duty, permission to withdraw without penalty

School construction plans, state approval, removal

School fiscal impact statement, legislation, requirement

State/Executive Branch Budget

Veterans, academic credit for military training

Veterans, access to early course registration

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, academic terms limit, deletion

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

Workforce education and development programs, study

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