Anti-rebate laws, revision

Data security, requirements

Employer-sponsored health plans, waiting periods, prohibition

Executive director, removal of reference

Individual-directed care, end of life

Insurance and Related Innovation Sandbox Law

Insurance companies, NAIC valuation manual standards, exemptions

Insurance filings, electronic submission

Insurance holding company systems, filing requirements

Insurance notifications to third parties

Insurer delinquency proceedings, federal home loan bank security interests

Liability and workers' compensation self-insurance groups, investments

Medical malpractice claims, reporting

Patient-directed care, end of life

Prelicensing education and examination requirements, exemption

Reinsurance treaties and contracts, gender-neutral language

Unemployment insurance, duration of benefits, shared work benefits, state average unemployment rate

Unemployment insurance, duration of benefits, state average unemployment rate

Workers' compensation, COVID-19, vaccine

Workers' compensation guaranty funds, Kentucky group self-insurance fund

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