Abell, Michael, memorializing

Adams, Saundra Jean, memorializing

Amey, William "Bill" Jr., memorializing

Aubrey, Private Clarence "Joe," memorial bridge designation, Spencer County

Baker, Jack, memorializing

Banks, Lester, memorial highway designation, Knott County

Barwell, Cathy, memorializing

Bauerle, John, memorial highway designation, Boone County.

Bell, Jerry, memorializing

Biram, James Darrell, memorializing

Blair, Robby, memorializing

Bolden, Michael, memorializing

Bowen, Senator Joe, memorializing

Bowen, Senator Joe R., memorial highway designation, Daviess County

Bradford, William "Billy" Rex, memorializing

Brock, Jill, memorializing

Brooks, Vaston Steve, memorializing

Brown, David Cole, memorializing

Brown Golphin, Dianna, memorializing

Buford, Senator Tom, memorial highway designation, Jessamine County

Buford, Senator Tom, memorializing

Caldwell, DeRyan, memorializing

Carl Brashear statue, Capitol Rotunda, addition

Carty, Ann Epperson, memorializing

Catron, Sheriff Sam, memorial bridge designation, Pulaski County,

Clay, Clarence Henry "Soc;" memorializing

Cobb, Thomas "Tom," memorializing

Collins, Dr. Adrian N., memorial bridge designation, Greenup County, US 23

Combs, Jerald F., memorializing

Conley, Wallace and Betty Jo, memorial bridge, Johnson County, United States Route 23

Conway, Francis Thomas "Tom," memorializing

Cottongim, Officer Zachary, memorial highway designation

Cottongim, Officer Zachary, memorializing

Cottongim, Zachary, memorializing

Crowder, Jerry Lee, memorializing

Cummins, Carl Matthew, memorializing

Curry, Sara Blevins, memorializing

Davis, Homer, Herman, Ted, and Curtis, memorial bridge designation

Deneen, Norma F., memorializing

Denham, Calvin "Todd," memorializing

Dulin, Deputy Frank, memorial bridge designation, Spencer County, KY 44

Duncan, Richard and James C., memorial bridge designation, Metcalfe County

Duncan, Thomas Emby "Tom," memorializing

Evans, Helen Hester Horlacher, memorializing

Figg, Dorcas, memorializing

Forgy, Lawrence E. "Larry" Jr., memorializing

Fortner, Captain Dale, memorial highway designation, Grant County

Garmer, William Robert, memorializing

Haine, William R. "Bill," memorializing

Hall, Eula, honoring

Hall, Joe B., memorialize

Hawpe, David, memorializing

Hayes, Landon Lavelle Trent, memorializing

Herald, Roy Darrell, memorial highway designation, Breathitt County

Hofstra, Scott, memorializing

Honorary road and bridge naming, omnibus resolution

Hopkins, Larry Jones, memorializing

Howard, Katherine "Katie" Rosalie, memorializing

Hurley, Travis Dean, Memorializing

Ikerd, Jerry S., memorial highway designation, Pulaski County

Ison, Floyd Jack, memorializing

Johnson, PFC David L., highway designation, KY 57 Fleming County

Justice, Adron and Virgil, memorial highway designation, Floyd County

Justice John Marshall Harlan, honoring

Key, Garry, memorial highway designation, Kentucky Route 61, Bullitt County

King, John Fitzpatrick Sr.

Lanham, Warren, memorial highway resolution, Daviess County, KY Route 144

Lee, Jimmy, memorial highway designation, Johnson County, KY Route 302

Lemker, Kathee A., Memorializing

Longoria, Richard "Rick," memorializing

Martin, James B. "Jim", memorializing

Marvin Combs, memorializing

Matney, James Thomas, memorializing

McCoy, Gary Steven "Butch," memorializing

McPeek, Patricia, memorializing

Miller, Mary R., memorializing

Mitchell, Nancy Clouse, memorializing

Mobley, Anna Jean Gregory, memorializing

Moir, Elizabeth Campbell, memorializing

Montgomery, Dorothy Geraldine "Gerry" Biggs, memorializing

Montgomery, Dr. Wally Olson, memorializing

Monuments, Capitol building, General Assembly approval, requirement

Moore, Corporal Jacob M., memorializing

Morgan, Chuck, memorializing

Morgan, Jordan Wesley, memorializing

Nally, Joseph Richard "Dickie" Jr., memorializing

Orkies, Rob, memorial highway designation, Kentucky Route 61, Bullitt County

Owens, Darryl, memorializing

Owens, Representative Darryl T., memorial highway designation, Jefferson County

Pace, Chris, memorializing

Parsley, Mike, memorializing

Porch, Henry, memorial bridge designation, Whitley County

Powell, Carmel Lester, memorializing

Rednour, John "Rusty," memorializing

Rhodus, Kimberly "Kim" Hiles, memorializing

Rhodus, Michael "Mike" Ray, memorializing

Roe v. Wade, legalization of abortion, anniversary

Schickel Rottschaefer, Marie Therese, memorializing

Slone, William Victor, memorializing

Smith, Greg, memorializing

Smith Hinkle II, Lafe, memorializing

Smith, Jim R., memorial bridge designation, Livingston County

Spencer, Alexander "Alex", memorializing

Taulbee, Officer Mark, memorial highway designation, Kentucky Route 210, LaRue County

Taylor, Spc. David W., memorial highway designation, Henderson County

Thomas, Edna, memorial highway designation, Lee County, KY Route 3332

Thomas, Edwin, memorializing

Thompson, Stephen Francis, memorializing

Triplett, Dolores Jean Pile, memorializing

Turner, David Anthony Jr., memorializing

Vaughn, Dana Smith, memorializing

Wagner, Frank, memorial highway designation, Powell County

Wenzel, Karen Anne, memorializing

West, Ernest "Ernie" Edison, memorializing

Whitlock, William "Billy" Dennis, memorializing

Wickham III, James "Jimmy" Robert, memorializing

World War II veteran, upon passing, granting family honor of lying in state, Office of the Governor

Yates, James Bernard Sr., memorializing

Yonts, Larry Brent, memorializing

Young, Eugene Shelton, memorializing

Young, Whitney M. Jr., memorial highway designation, US 60, Shelby County

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