Certification, alternate expedited pathway

Conviction of criminal offense against a victim who is a minor, duty to report, termination

Education Professional Standards Board, substitute teacher certification

Educational grievance policy, filing procedures

Educator expense tax credit for income tax, creation

Educator Retention and Recruitment Task Force, duties, membership

Emergency certification, eligibility, extension

Employment contract days, tornado disaster, waiver

Expedited certification pathway, all districts, eligibility

Expedited teacher certification pathway, loan forgiveness for

Hearing officers, random selection

Instruction, current events and controversial topics. requirements and restrictions

Kentucky Early Entry Initiative pilot program, creation

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, employee, Kentucky Group Health Insurance Board, addition

Learning pods, teacher certification requirements, exemption

Moments of silence and reflection, daily observation requirement

Nontraditional instruction, on-site requirement, repeal

Planning time, supervision and instruction required, compensation

Political activity prohibition, penalties, applicability

Professional development, child abuse awareness and prevention, requirement to teach instruction

Professional development, statewide training mandates, noninstructional time, minimum requirements

Professional development training schedule, Kentucky Department of Education, creation

Professional development training schedule, local boards implementation

Prohibited concepts related to race, sex, and religion, violation, discipline

Public charter school employees, Teachers' Retirement System, participation

Public charter schools, education service provider employees, certification required

Public charter schools, repeal

Public education, controversial topics and current events, requirements, restrictions

Public employees, labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Reading diagnostic and intervention grant, reading interventionist

Reading diagnostic and intervention grant, reading interventionist, expense authorization

School calendar, additional day

School council members, removal

School council, membership

School employee, administration of naloxone, requirement

School employee, administration of opioid reversal agent

School employees, COVID sick leave, credit

School principal, selection

Screening committees, minority student population of 50 percent, teacher representation

Sick leave affidavit, superintendent discretion

Statewide Task Force on Diversity in Education Curricula, establishment

Student media advisors, protections

Student teachers, background checks

Teacher preparation programs, concepts related to race, sex, and religion, violation, discipline

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Program, creation

teachers and administrators, promise zone, loan forgiveness for

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

Teaching prohibited concepts related to race, sex, and religion, discipline

Test to stay, requirements

Test to stay, site requirements

Training, reading diagnostic assessment and universal screener, requiring

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