911 fund, funds for next generation 911 initiatives

Broadband deployment

Broadband deployment fund

Broadband services, contest of application

Cyber security, ransomware protection

Digital assets, classification and treatment

Discrimination, access to electronic devices

Drones, unmanned aircraft systems, FAA, regulations

Facial recognition technology, law enforcement use of, exempt consumer products

Insurance and Related Innovation Sandbox Law

Kentucky Communications Network Authority, network access in unserved areas

Kentucky Communications Network Authority, wholesale network access in unserved areas

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, model facial recognition technology policy

KentuckyWired contracts, paid prioritization, prohibition

Model facial recognition technology policy

Occupational license, online application fee, exemption for military spouses

Online tangible personal property tax system

Social media censorship, elimination

Social media, censorship, elimination, guidelines

Special purpose depository institutions, establishment and regulation

Sports wagering, approved methods, smartphone applications

Subscription, cancellation online

Tracking devices, criminalization

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