Universities and Colleges

Academic Common Market, income tax credit for participant

Campus free speech, required institution policies, reporting requirements

Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, location

College applications, criminal history questions, ban

Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center, partnership

Comprehensive transition and postsecondary programs, Work Ready KY, eligibility

COVID-19, liability protection

COVID-19 precautions, opt-out, medical device, vaccine, testing, and healthcare requirements

COVID-19 precautions, prohibition of requirements, exceptions

COVID-19 precautions, public postsecondary education institutions, opt-out

COVID-19 precautions, student opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements

COVID-19 precautions, student opt-out, medical device, vaccine and testing requirements

COVID-19 precautions, student opt-out, medical device, vaccine, testing, healthcare requirements

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, concealed carry, repeal

Deadly weapons, postsecondary institutions, power to regulate concealed carry, repeal

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Dual credit scholarship, rate ceiling, increase

Facial covering requirements not responsive to the COVID-19 pandemic, permit

Facial coverings, discretion of governing board

Facial coverings, limited prohibition of requirement, response to COVID-19 pandemic

Facial coverings, prohibition of requirement, exceptions

Financial disclosure, CPE governance, reporting year, reasonable reliance on qualified professionals

Financial disclosure, institutions licensed or overseen by Council on Postsecondary Education

Governing boards, student and faculty representation, restrictions on increasing tuition and fee

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

International research agreements, Model Procurement Code, choice of law and venue, exception

Kentucky Committee on Legislative Redistricting, faculty, appointment

Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust, administration, State Treasurer

Kentucky State University, board appointments, deadline

Kentucky State University, board composition requirements, exclusion

Kentucky State University board of regents, replacement

Kentucky State University, financial exigency, declaration

Kentucky State University, financial shortfall, appropriation

Kentucky State University, health sciences center, appropriation

Kentucky State University, management improvement plan

Kentucky State University, performance funding

Kentucky State University, personnel, evaluation

Kentucky State University, personnel, termination

Kentucky State University, presidential search, suspension

Kentucky State University, shortfall loan, repayment

Kentucky State University, transfer students, tuition waiver

KSU expenditures, approval, requirement

Mask mandates, authority of governing board of a public postsecondary institution to impose

Murray State University, 100th anniversary, recognition

National Guard, call to active duty, permission to withdraw without penalty

Postsecondary athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, injunctive relief

Postsecondary athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, requirements

Public charter school authorizers, postsecondary governing boards, remove

Public charter school authorizers, universities and colleges

Public institutions, prohibited instruction, concepts related to race, sex, and religion

Report on student discipline, deadline to publish, November 1

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, determination of, hearing procedure

Sanctuary postsecondary institution, state funding, withholding of

Scholarship program, coal-county paramedic

State/Executive Branch Budget

Student athletes, name, image, and likeness agreements

Student disciplinary proceedings, requirements, annual report

Tax dollars, lobbying, prohibition

Teacher preparation programs, background checks, student teachers

Teacher preparation programs, bigoted instruction, disapproval of program

Teacher preparation programs, early literacy instruction, teacher preparation test, requiring

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

University of Kentucky, healthcare worker loan forgiveness program, operation of

University of Kentucky, Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establishment

University of Louisville, pari-mutuel excise tax, funding

Vaccine passports, prohibition of requirement

Veterans, academic credit for military training

Veterans, access to early course registration

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, eligibility, addition

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program, expanded degree program eligibility, education

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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