Bills with Two Reading in the House

House Bill: 20cs fa, 23cs fas, 31, 66, 85, 126fa fta, 196fas, 234fas, 245cs fas, 280cs fa, 294fas, 309cs fa, 330, 333cs cta, 377cs, 379fa, 430cs, 489fas, 496fa, 513cs fa, 569cs fa, 591, 639, 716, 744cs, 780cs, 781cs
House Resolution: 63
Senate Bill: 4fas fta, 33cs fa, 53, 54fa, 63cs, 68cs fas fta, 80fas, 101fa, 138fas ftas, 148, 285cs cta fas ftas

Last updated: 2/8/2023 2:57 PM (EST)