Committee Abbreviations

A&R (H) Appropriations & Revenue (House)
A&R (S) Appropriations & Revenue (Senate)
Ag (H) Agriculture (House)
CC(H) Committee on Committees (House)
CC(S) Committee on Committees (Senate)

Bill And Amendment Abbrreviations

BR Bill Request
CA Committee Amendment
CAS Committee Amendments
CCR Conference Committee Report
CTA Committee Title Amendment
CTAS Committee Title Amendments
CS Committee Substitute
CSS Committee Substitutes
FA Floor Amendment
FAS Floor Amendments
FCCR Free Conference Committee Report
FTA Floor Title Amendment
FTAS Floor Title Amendments
HB House Bill
HCA House Committee Amendment
HCR House Concurrent Resolution
HCS House Committee Substitute
HCTA House Committee Title Amendment
HFA House Floor Amendment
HFTA House Floor Title Amendment
HJR House Joint Resolution
HR House Resolution
SB Senate Bill
SCA Senate Committee Amendment
SCR Senate Concurrent Resolution
SCS Senate Committee Substitute
SCTA Senate Committee Title Amendment
SFA Senate Floor Amendment
SFTA Senate Floor Title Amendment
SJR Senate Joint Resolution
SR Senate Resolution

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