Alternative fuels, Office of Energy Policy, technical correction

Benefits of gas range stovetops, recognizing

City-owned electric utilities, requirement to form a utility board

Electric utilities, investor-owned, securitization, plant retirement, storm costs

Electric utility, tracing funds, securitization, filing deadline, semiannual surcharge review

Energy savings contracts, decommissioning buildings, public schools

Energy services associated company, politically sensitive company boycott, state divestment

Hydrogen transmission companies, incentive programs, inclusion

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, reference correction

Merchant electric generating facilities, decommissioning plans, underground facility removal

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting

Nuclear Energy Development Working Group, establishment, duties, report

Nuclear Energy Development Working Group, increase membership

Office of Fleet management, vehicles, 50% of alternative fuel fleet by 2026

Public utilities, furnishing of reliable utility service, requirement

Risk of forced curtailments, ISO or RTO member, commission information

TVA Appreciation Week, May 18-24, 2023, recognizing

Utilities, electric generating units, retirement

Utility disconnection requirements, electric and gas utilities

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