Environment and Conservation

Bioaccumulative chemicals of concern, mixing zones, rapid and complete mixing, application

Biosolids, administrative regulations, conformance with federal requirements

Clean Water Act permits and certifications, time periods, issuance requirements

Conservation officers, employment contracts, training reimbursement

Cumberland Forest, conservation easement acquisitions, oil and gas rights, preservation

Dams, floodplain management, construction, permits, administrative regulations

Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Waste Management, reference correction

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Cumberland Forest, conservation easement acquisitions

Electric utilities, vegetation maintenance practices, standards

Energy and Environment Cabinet, local decommissioning plan and bond requirements, review

Energy and Environment Cabinet, powers, gender-neutral language

Fishing, public waterways and waterbodies, wildlife and aquatic habitat

Grammatical and technical corrections

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreements, recording requirement

Hazardous waste management assessment, extend levy to June 30, 2032

Healthy Soils Program, Healthy Soils Program fund, Division of Conservation, establishment

Heavy or specialized conservation equipment, acquisition by commission, joint application

Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, reference correction

Kentucky Board of Radon Safety, EPA funding grant, receipt and administration

Lead testing, residential sale or lease property, requirements

Merchant electric generating facilities, decommissioning, additional lease terms, accommodation

Merchant electric generating facilities, decommissioning plans, underground facility removal

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting

Nuclear Energy Development Working Group, establishment, duties, report

Nuclear Energy Development Working Group, increase membership

Ozone attainment redesignation, Jefferson County and surrounding areas, urging EPA approval

PFAS chemicals, drinking water and discharge limits, administrative regulation, establishment

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Publicly owned wastewater treatment works, sewage sludge, biosolids, administrative regulations

Reformulated gasoline requirements, elimination

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

Soil and water conservation supervisor, removal of age requirement

Solar geoengineering and weather modification, prohibition

Solid waste management service companies, confidential business information, prohibit disclosure

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