Advisory council, membership

Biosimilar medicines, provision

Board of Pharmacy, administrative regulation, nullification

Board of Pharmacy, membership

Controlled substance, electronic prescription, exception

Controlled substance, medication, program for synchronization, reporting

Critical access care pharmacy, payment

Drug paraphernalia, drug testing strips, fentanyl or fentanyl derivative

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition

Gender transition services, person under age 18 years, liability

Gender transition, treatment, children

Health care provider, criminal liability, immunity

Individual-directed care, end of life

Medicaid managed care contracts, eligibility criteria, limit on number awarded

Medical treatment, health care, right to refuse

Out-of-state, licensing

Parental consent, services for a minor

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, insurance trade practice requirements

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing and rebates requirements

Prescription drug order, defintion

Sex alteration, minors, prohibit

Sex alteration, minors, prohibition

Technical corrections

Treatment, discrimination, for acts of conscience

Urgent-Need and Continuing Access to Insulin Programs, establishment

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