Police, City and County

Combat sports, amateur events

Defective equipment, motor vehicle, warning

Employment contracts, training reimbursement

Federal firearm ban, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Hospital report, drug overdose

Juvenile detention facility audits, local law enforcement agency interviews

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, creation

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation

Mandatory training subjects, suicide prevention and intervention

Parental rights, protection

Peace officer certification, certification status

Peace officer certification, continuous service, exception

Peace officer certification, minimum qualifications, expungement

Peace officer certification, precertification status, peace officer powers

Peace officer, certification status, training requirements

Peace officer employment, basic training course, 20 years old

Peace officer, special accommodation certification

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Policies and procedures, police officer mental health program, requirements

Private property, privacy, protection

Public employees, labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Public employees, labor organizations, prohibitions

School resource officers, private and parochial schools

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

Speeding, 5 miles per hour or less over the limit, warning

Telecommunicators, local agencies, certify qualification

Traffic stop, operator's license database, AVIS

Urban-county government, peace officer employment, basic training course, 20 years old

Urban-county Policer and Fire Retirement Fund, increase to minimum annuity

Wellness program, establishment, authorization

Wellness program, establishment, confidentiality

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