Public Officers and Employees

Cabinet for Economic Development, secretary appointment, gender-neutral language

City officials, nonpartisan elections, redistricting, subpoena powers restrictions

City officials, numbers, resignation, nonpartisan election

Definitions, addition of gender-neutral language

Federal firearm laws, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Government employees, gender-neutral language

Government Teleworking Task Force, establishment

Jail staff in jail facilities, minimum age of persons working

Jail staff in jail facilities, qualifications

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, required break in employment during COVID pandemic

Kentucky Urban Search and Rescue Program, establishment

Labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Labor organizations, prohibitions

Law enforcement agencies, peace officer, special accommodation certification

Legislators' Retirement Plan, close plan to new members, transfer cash balance members to KERS

Open Records training, official custodians and employees, requirement

Personnel Cabinet, classified and unclassified employees, telework

Personnel Cabinet, employees, qualifications

Retirement, beneficiary and payments option forms, spousal acknowledgement

Retirement, CERS membership date of members who participated in Police Corps

Secretary of the Personnel Cabinet, duties and responsibilities, changes

Sheriffs, statewide law enforcement authority

Soil and water conservation, supervisor, age requirement

Soil and water conservation supervisor, removal of age requirement

State agencies, personnel requirements

State employees, executive branch, qualifications

State pension public employees, labor organizations, dues wage withhold, prohibition

State Police, political activities, participation permitted

Supplemental appropriation, career center employees

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave balance reporting

Telework, prohibition

Teleworking, Personnel Cabinet, study

TikTok app, state officers and employees, prohibition on use

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