State Employees

Appropriation, public salaries, pensions, and loan forgiveness

Classified and unclassified employees, employment provisions, changes

Department of Juvenile Justice, threats to safety, urge prompt response

Diabetes treatment, insurance requirements, health plan

Federal firearm laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

Government Teleworking Task Force, establishment

Health care benefit claims, independent monitoring

Health plan, breastfeeding support and equipment, coverage requirement

Health plan, cancer detection, coverage requirement

Health plan, contraceptive coverage

Health plan, counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

Health plan, cranial conditions, coverage requirements

Health plan, formulas, coverage requirement

Health plan, long-acting reversible contraception, coverage requirement

Health plan, maternity care, coverage requirement

Health plan, mental health wellness examination, coverage requirement

Health plan, positron emission tomography scans, coverage requirement

Health plan, prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing and rebate requirements

Health plan, prescription drugs, postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Health plan, special enrollment period, pregnancy

Health plan, substance use disorder treatment, coverage requirement

Immunization status, disclosure prohibition

Juneteenth, state holiday, designation

Juvenile Justice Task Force, creation

Kentucky Community and Technical College, employees, transfer

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, appointment of internal auditor

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Retirement Systems, partial lump-sum option at retirement

Kentucky Retirement Systems, reemployment after retirement, 1-month break required

Kentucky Urban Search and Rescue Program, establishment

Open Records training, official custodians and employees, requirement

Organization, authority to associate, organize and strike

Parental depression screenings, Kentucky Employee Health Plan, coverage, requirement

Parental rights, protection

Personnel Cabinet, classified and unclassified employees, telework

School employees, assault of school personnel causing physical injury, leave benefits

State agencies, personnel requirements

State employee health plan, assignments, substance abuse or mental health treatment benefits

State employee health plan, coverage for medical services

State employee health plan, injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

State employee health plan, lead poisoning treatment, coverage requirement

State pension public employees, labor organizations, dues wage withhold, prohibition

State personnel, qualifications

Telework, prohibition

Teleworking, Personnel Cabinet, study

TikTok app, prohibition of use on state devices

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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