Traffic Safety

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones, worker present, requirement

Automated speed enforcement, traffic signal monitoring, traffic safety, speed limit, civil penalty

Autonomous vehicles, authority and regulatory framework

Autonomous vehicles, compliance with traffic laws, owner responsibility

Autonomous vehicles, human driver, requirement

Capital Avenue, road closure, prohibition

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation

Military dependents and spouses, operator's license, motorcycle endorsement, remote submission

Motorcycle safety education courses, license testing, exemption

Move over law, disabled vehicles

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Racing event, motor vehicles, exemptions

Road improvements adjoining schools, reimbursement

Speeding, 5 miles per hour or less over the limit, warning

Traffic control signal monitoring systems, violations of KRS 189.231, civil penalties

Travel in left-most lane of a limited access highway, restrictions

Uniform citation, no operator's license or registration receipt, dismissal

Vehicles, towing, limitation

Wheels, rubber covering, requirement

Last updated: 11/9/2023 3:03 PM (EST)