Civil Procedure

Actions for forcible entry and detainer, expungement of records

Actions for forcible entry and detainer, sealing of records

Agency of the state, venue, change in specified actions, method

Agency of the state, venue, change, specified action

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Child support, parenting time credit

Civil action by Attorney General, unlawful enforcement, federal firearm laws

Divorce, parties with minor children, 60-day requirement

Emergency protective orders, domestic violence orders, minors as parties

Facial recognition technology, use as evidence, prohibition

Guardianship hearings, additional requirements

Guardianship petition, additional requirements

Hair texture and hairstyle, definition of race, expanding

Heirs property, partition

Implantation of identification devices, cause of action

Interpersonal protective orders, minors as parties

Juror pay, daily rate, increase

Medical and mental health records, confidentiality

Orders of protection, conviction for qualifying offense, issuance, duration

Real property, contractor dispute, establish jurisdiction

Seized animal, cost of care petition, rules applied

Seized animal cost-of-care petition

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act, adoption

Venue, change in specified actions, method, contiguous county requirement

Venue, change, specified actions

Venue, request for change, Attorney General, intervening defendant, matter of right

Vexatious litigant, injunction, future actions

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