Commendations and Recognitions

Alvarado, Senator Ralph, retirement, honoring

Berry, Wendell, honoring

Black History Month, celebrating

Clay, Bishop Kenny, Jr., honoring

Clay, Kenny and Valerie, honoring

CVG Airport, 75th anniversary, recognition

Dates of recognition, agriculture

Flag of Remembrance, designation

Grayson, Nancy, honoring

Greenburg, Louisville Mayor Craig, congratulating

Helen Cottongim, Boone County School District, honoring

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, recognition

Lovan, C. Ronald, honoring

Mantell, Captain Thomas F. Jr., honoring

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Celebration, 50th anniversary, Lexington

McConnell, Senator Mitch, commendation

McGarvey, Congressman Morgan, honoring

Miller, Mary Evangeline "Eva" honoring

Schuster, Shelia, commemorating

Tuman, Jim, honoring

Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration Day, designating

Whalen, Diane, honoring

Wuchner, Addia, right to life work, honoring

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