Consolidated Local Governments

Certificate of need, nonsubstantive review

Constables, reports, fees

Destruction of firearms, law enforcement agencies

Federal firearm laws, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Fee collection authority

Fees, specialty courts, collection designation, supervision status

Firearms and ammunition, regulation authority

Firefighters, stress injuries, treatment

Historical overlay districts, ordinance requirements

Jefferson County fire districts

License fee levy, distilled spirits premises, authorization

Local ordinances and restrictions on firearms

Local ordinances on wages and benefits

Metropolitan correctional services department, employment protections

Metropolitan correctional services department, peace officer powers

Peace officer employment, basic training course, 20 years old

Planned communities, receivership for maintenance failures

Procurement, competitive bidding exceptions

Procurement, small purchases limit

Public notices, procurement, $40,000 limit

Restaurant tax, authority to levy, uses of revenue

State of occupancy requirements, master commissioner's sale, violation, fine

Tourism commissions, board composition

Vacancies, special elections

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