Corrections Impact

Abortion, prior to viability, removal of criminal penalties

Abortion, rape or incest, pregnancy

Adult performance, definition, penalties

Adult performances, definition, penalties

aggravating circumstances, abuse of a corpse

Aggravating circumstances in possible death penalty cases, killing of children under 12

Animal abuse, first degree, second degree

Assault, enhancement of penalties

Assault on a service animal, definition

Assault on a service animal, self-defense

Baby Dre Gun Safety Act

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, prosecution of cases under KRS Chapter 620, notice

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Cannabis, right to possess, use, or buy

Cannabis-related offenses, expungement

Child abuse, mandatory reporting

Child sex dolls, prohibition

Citizen juvenile justice review boards, creation

Consultant, failure to register, Class D felony

County tax information, confidentiality requirements, taxing jurisdiction audits, exemption

Deadly weapons, concealed carry in buildings, repeal

Deadly weapons, power to regulate concealed carry in buildings, repeal

Death penalty, replacement with life imprisonment without parole

Diversion for minors, Jefferson County Youth Detention Center, renovation

Driving under the influence, minimum time held after arrest

Driving under the influence, third or subsequent offense, penalty enhancement

Driving under the influence under the age of 21, penalties, enhancement

Driving under the influence, vehicular homicide

Electronic gaming devices, regulation

Federal firearm laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

Federal firearm laws, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice, ability to establish

Gaming commission fund

Hate crime, enhanced term of imprisonment

Hazing, criminal offense, elements


Hospital report, drug overdose

Incest, familial relationship, first cousin, deletion

Incest, penalty enhancement

Intoxicating hemp products, driving under the influence, prohibition

Kentucky Center for Cannabis, dispensing of medicinal cannabis permitted in certain cases

Kentucky Voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms List, prohibition of firearms sales or transfers

License to carry concealed deadly weapons, age requirement

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, create

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, creation

Marijuana-related-offenses, expungement

Medical cannabis program report, requirement

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Motor vehicle penalties

Orders of protection, conviction for qualifying offense, issuance, duration

Persistent felony offender, jury discretion for an enhanced penalty

Persistent felony offender, violent act against a person, removal of definition

Pilot program, behavioral health disorder, treatment providers

Pregnant inmates, midwifery or doula services

Pretrial release, controlled substances, Referral for treatment

Prohibited acts relating to voter registration, penalties prescribed

Prohibited acts relating to voting, penalties prescribed

Promoting contraband, fentanyl, penalty enhancement

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy contests, sports wagering, online poker

Rape and incest, exceptions to abortion bans

Rape, Sodomy, third degree, additional element

Sex crimes, penalty enhancement

Sex offenders, loitering, and assault in the third degree

Sex offenders, swimming pools and splash pads, prohibition of loitering

Sex offenses, definition of sexual contact

Sexual contact, reasonable person standard

Sodomy in the fourth degree, repeal

Sporting events, gaming and wagering

Sports officials, intimidation, creation of offense

Sports wagering

Sports wagering, regulation, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission

Theft of services, rental agreements, property

Torture of dog or cat, penalty, increase

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Use of tracking device, criminalization

Use of tracking device, criminalization, exception

Veterinary practice, licensing and regulation

Violent felony offenses by minors, detention, no confidentiality requirement

Violent offenders

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