Education, Elementary and Secondary

Accountability system, postsecondary readiness indicators

Alternative publication procedures

Alternative teacher certification, Option 6 provisional certification, duration

Alternative teacher certification, Option 7 provisional certification, duration

Candidates for office, partisan requirement for office sought

Classic Learning Test, KEES supplemental amount, inclusion

Classified personnel, education requirements for employment

COVID-19 precautions, opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements, emergency

COVID-19 vaccine, not to be required for school attendance

COVID-19 vaccine, prohibition on requirement for school attendance

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Dual credit scholarship, rate ceiling, increase

Dyslexia, local board of education, policy requirements

Dyslexia, study project, Kentucky Department of Education

Feminine hygiene products, elementary and secondary students, provision

Foster care student toolkit, creation

Hazing, criminal offense, elements

Helen Cottongim, Boone County School District, honoring

High school diploma or equivalent, not required for employment of classified personnel

Immunization policy, prohibition of implementation mid-year

Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation

KEES scholarship, eligibility, hazing

Kentucky Board of Education, at-large member, addition

Kentucky Board of Education, membership requirements

Kentucky Board of Education, student voting member, addition

Kindergarten, full day of instruction

Learning pods, protections

Learning pods, teacher certification requirements, exemption

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Moments of silence and reflection, daily observation requirement

Noncertified school graduates, KEES base amount, inclusion

Preschool, eligible three and four year olds, school district to provide

Professional development training schedule, Kentucky Department of Education, creation

Professional development training schedule, local boards implementation

Public charter school, applications

Public charter school, contract terms and governance, modification

Public libraries, sale of electronic literary products by publishers, contract terms

School building project bidding, minimum amount, increase

School building project contract reporting, requirement

School building project quotes, requirement

School bus drivers, commercial driver's licenses, physical examination requirement

School calendar, additional day

School property, weapons, sign notification requirement, removal

Schools, authorization to carry concealed deadly weapons

Student privacy, ensuring

Supplemental appropriations, education

Urban agriculture, youth, promotion

US Constitution and democracy, student knowledge, partnership to improve and develop

Weapons prohibition, optional

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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