Education, Higher

COVID-19 precautions, student opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements

Dual credit scholarship, courses, addition

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Dual credit scholarship, rate ceiling, increase

Dyslexia, teacher preparation, requirements

First Amendment, institutional policies to protect, limitation of restrictions

Governing boards, student and faculty representation, restrictions on increasing tuition and fee

Hazing, criminal offense, elements

Immunization policy, opting out, students, staff, faculty

Innovative Teacher Education Grant Program, affordable teacher preparation

KEES base awards, noncertified school graduates, inclusion

KEES, out-of-state military students, eligibility

KEES, qualified proprietary school program, eligibility

KEES scholarship, eligibility, hazing

KEES supplemental amount, Classic Learning Test, inclusion

KEES, workforce solutions training programs, eligibility

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, appropriation

Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, Insured student loan references, update

KentuckyCYBER, University of Louisville, creation

Libraries, sale of electronic literary products by publishers, contract terms

Postsecondary readiness indicators, state accountability system

Scholarship program, coal-county paramedic

Self-insured group health plans, injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Supplemental appropriation, KCTCS-TRAINS

Supplemental appropriations, education

US Constitution and democracy, student knowledge, partnership to improve and develop

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

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