Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Anatomical gifts, disability, discrimination

Anatomical gifts, organ donation, order of priority

Assault of employees, enhanced penalties

Assisted living community, building code, institutional buildings

Assisted living community, licensing categories, establish

Assisted living community services, Medicaid state plan amendment, requirement

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Birthing centers, freestanding, prohibit abortions

Burn Center, University of Louisville Hospital, honoring

Certificate of need functions, legislative findings

Controlled substance, medication, program for synchronization, reporting

Emergency medical services, Medicaid waiver, plan

Essential personal care visitor, visitation requirements

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition

Gender transition services, person under age 18 years, liability

Gender transition, treatment, children

Health facilities, immunization requirement, exemptions, action for damages

Health services, certificate of need, exemption

HIV, organ donation, self-testing kits, penalty, removal

Hospital rate improvement programs, outpatient services

Individual-directed care, end of life

Infant Mortality Task Force, establishment

Local governments, certificate of need, exemption

Long-term care facilities, assisted living community, personal care home, licensure, requirements

Long-term care facilities, immunization requirement, exemptions

Long-term care, investigator training, surveyor training, Medicare, Medicaid

Maternal and infant mortality and disparities, awareness

Maternal health disparity training, requirement

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention

Maternity health, mental health awareness, information

Medicaid reimbursements, Department for Medicaid Services to study

Medical treatment, health care, right to refuse

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Mental health programs, gender-neutral language

Office of Inspector General, assisted living community, licensing

Out-of-state health facility or service, Medicaid payments

Patient medical record access, standards

Perinatal mental health, assessment

Physician assistant, licensure requirements, supervising physician agreement

Positron emission tomography scans, discharge requirement, prohibition

Postpartum depression, assessment

Pregnancy resource centers, licensure

Sale of property, restriction on future use, prohibition

Sex alteration, minors, prohibit

Sex alteration, minors, prohibition

Sexual assault victims, services, prohibition of medical billing

State registered nurse aide, administer injectable insulin

Treatment center, chemical dependency, transportation services

Treatment, discrimination against employees for acts of conscience

University hospitals, firearm regulation, prohibition exception

University of Louisville Hospital, Burn Center, recognition

Workplace violence prevention, facility assessment, safety plan

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