Parental Rights

Abuse and neglect, definition, change

Access to statewide report, suicide rates for transgender students in public schools

Adopted individual, sibling search, gender-neutral language

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, income eligibility

Child custody, standing, nonparents

Child immunization, exceptions

Child out-of-home placement, requirements

Commissioner of Education Jason E. Glass, urging dismissal, hindering parental rights

Education and care of child

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender transition procedures, children, prohibition

Gender transition services, person under age 18 years, cause of action

Human sexuality, contraception and family planning services, public schools, parental notice

Human sexuality education, public schools

Information, public schools

Name and pronoun use, children, public schools

Paid parental leave for employees, employers with 50 or more employees

Parental consent, child health and mental healthcare

Public education, protection of students' and parents' rights

School materials, harmful to minors, complaint process

School personnel, student name and pronoun usage

Sex alteration, minors, prohibit

Termination, abuse and neglect

Uniform Collaborative Law Act

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