Public Assistance

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, benefits cliff calculator implementation

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Child Care Assistance Program study

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, public assistance flexibilities study

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, income eligibility

Emergency medical services, Medicaid waiver, plan

Gender transition procedures, prohibition of coverage, children

Gender transition services, prohibition of coverage, person under age 18 years

Hospital rate improvement programs, outpatient services

Kentucky Healthy Farm and Food Innovation Board, establishment, duties, fund

Long-term care, investigator training, surveyor training, Medicare, Medicaid

Prohibited housing discrimination, source of income

STABLE Kentucky accounts, public assistance eligibility, exclusion

Unlawful misrepresentation of assistance dog, prevention

Utility disconnection requirements, electric and gas utilities

Last updated: 11/9/2023 3:03 PM (EST)