Public Utilities

Combined water and electric municipal utilities, governing board, gender-neutral language

Electric utilities, vegetation maintenance practices, standards

Electric utility, tracing funds, securitization, filing deadline, semiannual surcharge review

Fossil fuel fired electric generating units, retirement, required Public Service Commission findings

Furnishing of reliable utility service, requirement

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Hydrogen transmission companies, incentive programs, inclusion

Merchant electric generating facilities, siting

Personal data protection, consumer data privacy rights, municipally owned utilities, exemption

Public Service Commission, board members, training and technical assistance

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Angela C. Hatton

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Mary Pat Regan

Public Service Commission, retirement of electric generating units, authorization

Public water and wastewater systems, merger and consolidation, regionalization

Regulated utilities, deferred expenses held as regulatory assets, securitization

Risk of forced curtailments, electric generator retirement, commission information

Sanitation districts, sewer charges, imposition requirements

Securitization, regulatory assets, electric utilities

TVA Appreciation Week, May 18-24, 2023, recognizing

Utility disconnection requirements, electric and gas utilities

Water and wastewater plans, prioritization by Kentucky Infrastructure Authority

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