Education, Finance

Adult Workforce Diploma Pilot Program, creation

Annual audit, requirements, deadlines, reports

Asset Resolution Corporation, operations

Budget ReserveTrust Fund, Kentucky Proud School Match Pilot Program

Capital outlay funds uses, facilities employees, authorization

Career and technical education programs, funding

Career and technical education programs, supplemental funding, define

Charitable contributions to school districts over $100, annual charitable contribution report

College financial aid or scholarships, exclude diversity, equity, and inclusion restrictions

Comprehensive universities, postbaccalaureate program offerings, expansion study

Comprehensive university postbaccalaureate initiative study, specific new programs for consideration

Construction financing, use of architect or engineer estimate, authorization

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Converted career and technical education center, qualifying employee award, authorize

Council on Postsecondary Education, dissolution

Department of Education, reemployed retiree health insurance, reimbursement

Department of Education, role in mathematics education

Dual credit scholarship, course eligibility and additions

Dual credit scholarship, eligibility

Efficient and Effective School District Governance Task Force, creation

Efficient and Effective School District Governance Task Force, membership, modification

Efficient and Effective School District Governance Task Force, scope, modification

Extracurricular facilities, state funds, limitation on use

Federal grant, authorize

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Hazard Community and Technical College, university establishment, study

Homeschool Task Force, homeschooling regulation and financial impact, study

Independent school districts, establishment

Interlocal cooperative boards, audit

KEES awards, adjustment for financial aid, requirement

KEES awards, dual credit course, use

KEES base and supplemental awards, increase in amounts awarded

KEES base awards, noncertified school graduates, inclusion

KEES, eligibility expiration, extension

KEES supplemental amount, Cambridge Advanced International, inclusion

KEES supplemental amount, Classic Learning Test, inclusion

Kentucky education excellence scholarship, award amounts, adjustment

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, board, membership

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, reorganization

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, rural veterinary student loan repayment

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, teacher scholarship, selection criteria

Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, board, membership

Kentucky numeracy counts fund, appropriation

Kentucky numeracy counts fund, creation

Kentucky Saves account, contributions, tax incentives

Kindergarten, full day of instruction, base funding level

Local boards of education, members, reimbursement

Local boards of education, publication of budget, requirement

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Nongovernmental organizations in education, People's Republic of China organized, prohibition

Nonprofit educational, charitable, and religious organizations, sales and use tax, sales exemption

Nonresident pupil policies, requirements, establishment

Nonresident pupil, tuition fee

Nonresident pupils, public schools, tuition fees

Part-time student enrollment in public schools, authorization

Postsecondary DEI officer and officers, exclude from general DEI prohibitions

Postsecondary education, performance based funding, underrepresented students, definition

Postsecondary resources restricted with regard to DEI initiatives, exclude gifts and grants

Preschool, four-year-olds, SEEK funding

Property tax, federally documented boats, tax exemption

Property tax rate levy, recall process

Property tax rate levy, recall vote, next regular election

Property tax rate petition process, requirements

Proposed constitutional amendment, education costs outside public schools

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs outside public schools

Public charter schools, repeal

Public college and universities, funding formula

Public college and universitites, funding formula

Public colleges and universities, funding formula

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity and inclusion activities, penalties

Public school calendar, student attendance days, beginning September 1

Public school calendar, student attendance days, number

Recall petition, Social Security requirement, removal

Scholarship program, coal county paramedic

School building plans, chief state school officer, submission

School construction project, land costs limitation, establishment

School District Consolidation Task Force, creation

School district depositories, maximum depositories, removal

School district employees, supplemental one-time payment, requirement

School district land purchase and disposal, Kentucky Board of Education, approval

School district mortgages and liens, prior approval, removal

School districts, general obligation bonds, issuance

School facilities construction, prior approval

School funds, ballot question advocacy, prohibition on use

School funds, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, political social activism, prohibition

School property purchase and disposal, prior approval

School tax revenues, state equalization amount, adjustment

Secondary area technology center renovation projects

SEEK fund distribution, outdated language, deletion

SEEK, kindergarten full-day funding

SEEK, staff pay increase

SEEK transportation, professional development, salary increases

Social and emotional learning, use of state funds for instruction or training, prohibition

State/Executive Branch Budget

Student Teacher Stipend Program, creation

Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) Task Force, creation

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, creation

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, eligibility

Teachers, compensation for duties assigned during noninstructional planning time

Tire expenses, deletion of reimbursement

Tire expenses, reimbursement, Kentucky Department of Education

Title IX gender identity compliance, public postsecondary educational institutions, prohibition

Tuition and fee waiver, pregnant women and parents, establishment

Tuition, public school, prohibition

Work Ready Scholarship, dual credit courses, deletion

Workforce Innovation Task Force, establishment

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