Advanced practice registered nurse, provisional license

Alcohol and drug counseling, providers

Alcohol and Drug Counselors, language correction

Alcohol license applications, publication methods

Alcoholic Beverage Control, vintage distilled spirits license

Alcoholic beverage sales, marinas

Alcoholic beverages, omnibus bill, privileges and regulation

Alcoholic beverages, privilege to produce or sell, denial

Alcoholic beverages, quota retail package licenses, consolidated local governments, limits

Applications for licensure, Social Security number requirement, removal

Banks and trust companies, charter requirements

Beauty salons, mobile salon, licensure

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Board of Medical Licensure, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers, renewal fee

Cannabis businesses, licenses, issuance permitted in 2024

Cannabis production and sale, authorized entities

Cannabis, production, processing, or sale

Charitable gaming, licensed activities

Child-caring facility, recordkeeping, Social Security number requirement, removal

Chiropractic, language correction

Combat sports, exhibition, notice requirement

Commercial dog breeders, establishment

Commission on Military Affairs, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Continuing education requirements, real estate licensees

Cosmetology, examination, languages

Cosmetology, mobile salons, licensure

COVID-19 vaccine, prohibition of requirement

Data collection, workforce participation, employment information

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, kratom products, regulation

Department of Financial Institutions, nonrecourse consumer legal funding

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, guide, license

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, hunting and fishing license exemptions

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, outfitter, license

Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, professional licensure credit

Distillers, self-distribution, alcoholic beverage retailers

Division of Real Property Boards, creation

Early intervention services for children, providers, licensure requirements

Electricians and master electricians, education and experience requirements

Electricians and master electricians, initial and biennial licensure, electronic license option

Electricians, authorized practice, requirements

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, inclusion

Emergency medical services providers, classifications, credentialing, reciprocity

EMS personnel, interstate compact

Esthetic salons, mobile salon, licensure

Farmland owner hunting and fishing license exemption, "dependent child" definition

Fishing license exemption, fishing on private property with landowner permission

Healthcare licensing boards, workforce data collection

Hunting and fishing, current members of the Armed Forces, exemption from nonresident fees

Hunting and fishing license exemption, five acre minimum for resident farmland owner, removal

Hunting license exemption, resident landowner, five acre minimum and farmland requirement, removal

Industrial loan corporations, licensing and regulation

Investment advisers, registration exemption

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, abolition

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Professional Music Therapists, creation

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, language correction

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, technical correction

Kentucky One-Stop Business Portal, Secretary of State, creation, maintenance

Landscape architects, licensing, technical correction

Licensees, domestic violence training, requirement

Limited beauty salon, mobile salon, licensure

Marriage and family therapists, independent practice

Massage therapists, interstate compact

Master electrician, associate's degree or diploma program, credit toward licensure

Medicine, provisional license

Military service member and spouse, interstate occupational compacts, reciprocity

Mobile barber shop, licensure

Moral turpitude, good moral character, removal

Nail salons, mobile salon, licensure

Nail technicians, testing and retesting

Nurses, continuing medical education

Nurses, physician assistants, continuing education

Occupational license, prior conviction, application, criteria

Offender employment and licensure, requirements

Operator's Licensing, identity verification, birth certificate, electronic verification

Outdoor nature-based child-care centers, licensure requirements

Physician assistants, continuing education

Physician assistants, continuing medical education requirements

Physicians, pediatricians, continuing medical education requirements

Podiatry, podiatric residence, and podiatric assistant

Podiatry, podiatric residence, podiatric assistant

Pregnancy resource centers, require

Psychologists, supervision, temporary, applicant

Quota retail package licenses, increase

Quota retail package licenses, quantity, local governments

Real estate licensees, liability exemption, smoke detectors in residential properties

Real estate professionals, Department of Highways, right of way services

Recognition from other jurisdictions, relevance of work experience

Retail drink, liquor liability insurance

Riverboats, by the drink alcoholic beverage sales, passenger count

Roofing contractors, Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

Short-term rentals, authorization subject to permitting

Social Work Licensure Compact, social workers

State-chartered savings and loan associations, chartering and regulation

Title pledge lending, licensing and regulation

Tobacco and other nicotine products distribution to persons under 21, license revocation

Uniform State Building Code, violation

Vapor Products Business license, fee, Alcohol and Beverage Control

Wine corkage, alcoholic beverage drink licensee

Workers' Compensation, definition of physician, delete territory

Workers' compensation, physicians licensed by other states

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