Motor Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, establishment

Assessed valuation, property tax exemption, refunds

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated license plate reader, data usage and retention, 30-day limit, exceptions

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restriction

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restrictions on availability

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones, flashing signage

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones, pilot program

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program establishment

Automated speed enforcement, recorded images, retention and use

Autonomous vehicle, local government regulation

Autonomous vehicles, authority and regulatory framework

Autonomous vehicles, driverless operation, restrictions

Autonomous vehicles, human driver, requirement

Autonomous vehicles, human driver requirement, elimination

Autonomous vehicles, insurance, minimum requirements

Autonomous vehicles, school buses, prohibition

Autonomous vehicles, task force, establishment

Carjacking, creation of offense

Continuous minimum insurance, requirements

Damage, civil immunity, removal of dog or cat

Dealer, compensation from manufacturers, requirements

Driving under the influence under the age of 21, penalties, enhancement

Electric and hybrid vehicles, state property tax, road fund earmark

Electric vehicle ownership fee, hybrid vehicle exemption

Electric vehicle power tax, electric vehicle power dealer, kilowatt exclusion

Electric vehicles, emissions standards, restriction

Emissions standards, restriction

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, increased penalties

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, penalties

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, worker present, requirement

Highways, truck tractor, trailer, semitrailer, overtaking, lane usage

Inspections, fees, certified inspector number, electronic inspection form

Intoxicating hemp products, driving under the influence, prohibition

Involuntarily towed, disposal

Low-speed vehicles, safety standards

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, creation

Motor carriers, gross combination weight rating, definition

Motor vehicle dealer, compensation from manufacturers, requirements

Motor vehicle glass insurance trade practices, regulation

Motor vehicle inspections, fees, sheriff appointed special inspector

Motor vehicle usage tax, active Armed Forces, credit

Move over law, disabled vehicles

New tire fee extension

New tire fee extension, provisions removal

New tire fee, extension to July 1, 2026

Off-highway vehicles, local government, pilot program

Off-highway vehicles, titling and registration

Operator's license application processing, county clerks

Operator's license, delinquent taxpayers, suspension, elimination

Operator's license, identity verification, birth certificate, electronic verification

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles, elimination

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles or hybrid motorcycles, elimination

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal identification cards, issuance, fee elimination

Personalized and special license plates, fees

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Property taxes, motor vehicle exemption

Racing event, state-maintained highways

Recreational vehicles, personalized license plates

Registration and reporting, gender-neutral language

Registration, joint ownership, procedures

Rental and ride share excise tax, bad debts deduction

Sales, disclosure of previous owner information, consent

School bus equipment, standards and specifications

Special license plate, 988 suicide and crisis lifeline fund, establishment

Special license plate, EMS, establishment

Special license plates, extra fees

Special license plates, Legion of Merit Medal, inclusion

Special license plates, United States Space Force, inclusion

Speeding, super speeders, fees and penalties, establishment

Theft, creation of crime

Title, transfer on death, requirements

Towed, disposal

Towing statutes, penalties

Traffic control signal monitoring system, violation of KRS 189.231, civil penalty

Transfers between individuals, location

Transportation Cabinet, medical review board, creation

Usage tax, purchases by military and National Guard members from Kentucky motor dealers, exemption

Vehicle accident reports, law enforcement access

Wheels, rubber covering, requirement

Windshields, sunscreening materials

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