Abandoned personal property, storage

Agricultural districts, minimum acreage requirements, notification of local officials, landowners

Agricultural land, acquisition, prohibited foreign countries, appeal process

Assessed value, property tax, homestead exemption, owners who are 65 or older

Burial grounds, proper care, requirement

Commercial food facility, use of unmanned aircraft and recording devices, prohibition

Commercial food facility, use of unmanned aircraft system and recording devices, prohibition

Condemnation, gender-neutral language

Confiscated firearms, destruction after auction

Contracts, improvement of real estate, escrow, threshold amount, increase

Digital property rights, name, voice, and likeness

Disposition of tangible personal property at death, wills, separate written statement or list

Eminent domain, compensation for relocation, discount points

Eminent domain, good faith negotiation, recordings, surveys, requirements

Exclusive jurisdiction, contractor disputes, establishment

Farmland, hunting and fishing license exemption, five acre minimum for resident owner, removal

Firearms, crisis aversion and rights retention order, possession, prohibition

Firearms, surrender, extreme risk protection order

Fishing license exemption, fishing on private property with landowner permission

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum notice time, local government, ability to establish

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction agreements, recording requirement

Heirs property, partition

Independent school districts, newly created district, property transferal

Liability for damage to property adjacent to Fish and Wildlife Resources-managed lands

Master commissioner's sale, state of occupancy requirements, violation, fine

Mine subsidence insurance, structures, reinsurance maximum

Motor vehicle registration, joint ownership, procedures

Ordinances relating to rental of housing, restriction

Ownership of real property, registration requirement

Ownership of real property, restrictions

Planned communities, associations, private property, flag display

Planned communities, receivership for maintenance failures

Property owners' associations, removal from bill

Resident landowner, hunting license exemption, five acre minimum and farmland requirement, removal

Residential property, roof damage, insurance claim, prohibited trade practices

School district land purchase and disposal, Kentucky Board of Education, approval

School district real property, acquisition and disposal process, establishment

School property purchase and disposal, prior approval

Short-term rentals, authorization subject to permitting

Short-term rentals, building code compliance

Short-term rentals, deed restriction interpretation

Solar electric generating facilities, county land area occupation, 1% cap

Spendthrift trusts, creditor, cause of action, preponderance standard

Spendthrift trusts, creditor, cause of action, statute of limitations

Spendthrift trusts, establishment of

Spendthrift trusts, express language

State property, public supported postsecondary educational institution, insurance coverage

Surveyors, right of entry, notice to landowner

Theft by deception of rental property, timing requirement

Theft of services, rental agreements

Transfers of land, subdivision, recording of plat, requirement

Trespass, use of purple paint marks to provide notice

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act

Uniform Residential and Landlord Tenant Act

Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

Unmanned aircraft system, restrictions on use

Valuation review commission, counties with a consolidated local government, creation

Vehicles, transfer on death, requirements

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