Abusive conduct, prohibition

Adjunct instructors, full-time employment, authorization

Alternative certification pathway, Option 7, emergency

Alternative certification pathway, Option 7, modification

Alternative teacher certification, local training program

Certification, assessment requirement, removal

Certification, optional routes

Complaint procedures, Education Professional Standards Board, establishment

Complaints, Education Professional Standards Board, notification to superintendents

dailey, Kevin, 2024 Teacher of the Year, honoring

DEI Economic Impact Task Force, study of diversity, equity, and inclusion education initiatives

Department of Education website, salary, publication

Education Professional Standards Board, complaint and hearing procedures

Education Professional Standards Board, complaints process, modification

Educator preparation program, standards, artificial intelligence

Electronic communication with students, restrictions

Emergency teacher certification, job offer requirements, exclusion

Emergency teacher certification, renewal requirements, waive

Employee rights, public school, provision

Income tax credit, educator expenses

Kentucky Department of Education, teacher academies, creation

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, teacher scholarship, selection criteria

KHEAA, Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, administration

Learning pods, teacher certification requirements, exemption

Library media center, school librarian, removal from bill

Library media center, school librarian requirement, removal

Local board of education, teacher assessment requirement, authorization

Maternity leave, establishment

Maternity leave, local board of education provision, requirement

Medication administration, undesignated glucagon, diabetes

Misconduct involving minor, nondisclosure agreement, prohibition

Moments of silence and reflection, daily observation requirement

New teacher induction and mentor program, participation

Nonacademic surveys, parental consent

Planning time, supervision and instruction required, compensation

Portable automated external defibrillators, public school buildings and events, requirement

Private or at-home private schools, teacher qualification

Professional certification, requirements

Professional development, artificial intelligence, requirement

Professional development training schedule, Kentucky Department of Education, creation

Professional development training schedule, local board implementation

Psychological injuries for educators, workers' compensation

Public charter schools, repeal

Public school student data, parental rights violation, cause of action

Retirement, service credit, optional makeup days, religious holidays

Retirement, special needs trusts, lifetime annuity payments

School buildings, teacher housing, affordable housing, allowable uses

School calendar, professional development, additional day

School discipline, assault of school personnel causing physical injury, leave benefits

School district employees, supplemental one-time payment, requirement

School district personnel, electronic communication with students, restrictions

SEEK, staff pay increase

SEEK transportation, professional development, salary increases

Sick leave, use for observance of religious holidays not on school calendar

Social and emotional learning, use of state funds for instruction or training, prohibition

Social studies, LGBT history, inclusion

Student examinations, treatments, or surveys, specific topics, parental consent

Student media advisors, protections

Student Teacher Stipend Program, creation

Substitute, certification

Superintendent personnel investigations, local board report, requirement

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Pilot Program, eligibility

Teacher Red Tape Reduction Task Force, study teacher mandates and make recommendations

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave payments upon retirement

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave reporting

Three-cueing system of instruction, prohibition

Training and support, mathematics

Training, mathematics diagnostic assessment and universal screener

Training, mathematics diagnostic assessment and universal screener, requirement

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