Technical Corrections

Abortion, exceptions to restriction

Administrative regulations, prescription of forms

Advance deposit account wagering

Alternative fuels, Office of Energy Policy


Banks and financial institutions, regulation

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget recommendations

Branch budget recommendations, technical correction

Cabinet for Economic Development, gender-neutrality

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, addition of gender-neutral language

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, secretary, technical corrections

Capital construction funds for Kentucky State Parks, pool improvements

Certified Child Care Community Designation Program, Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership

Condemnation of property, gender-neutral language

Continuous motor vehicle insurance, requirements

Deferred deposit transactions, requirements

Dental scholarship, technical correction

Department of Financial Institutions, examinations, gender-neutral language

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, gender-neutrality

Department of Insurance, executive director, removal of reference

Department of Public Advocacy, gender-neutral language

Department of Revenue

Department of Revenue, publication of tax forms

Department of Revenue reference

Deposits by minors, gender-neutral language

Economic development, board, technical changes, gender-neutrality

Elections and voting, gender-neutral language

Energy and Enviroment Cabinet, mining regulation authority, gender-neutral language

Excise tax, advance deposit account wagering licensees

Federal Water Pollution Control Act, state permitting, past reporting requirement, deletion

Finance and Administration Cabinet, website access to information

Fire chiefs, gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, insertion

General Assembly, Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee

HB 105/HCS 1

HB 142

HB 178

HB 190/SCS 1

HB 193/SCS 1

HB 2

HB 211

HB 254

HB 278/HCS 1

HB 280/HCS 1

HB 375

HB 399

HB 463

HB 464

HB 470

HB 56

HB 561/HCS 1

HB 57

HB 575

HB 580/HCS 1

HB 771


HB 88

HCS 1 to SB 74

Health and family services, addition of gender-neutral language

Health insurance, coverage for breast examinations

Health services, addition of gender-neutral language

Insurance policy filing requirements

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, correction

KCHIP, counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

KCHIP coverage requirements, technical amendments

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, outdated reference, removal

Landscape architects, licensing

Licensing, requirements

Local government, gender-neutral language

Long-term care facilities, gender-neutral language


Medicaid and KCHIP

Medicaid and KCHIP coverage requirements, technical amendments

Medicaid, compliance with insurance code provisions

Medicaid, counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

Medicaid coverage requirements, technical amendments

Medicaid, managed care organizations

Medical assistance, addition of gender-neutral language

Medical assistance, technical corrections

Mental health programs, gender-neutral language

Mortgage loan companies and brokers, change of control, technical amendments

Motor vehicle registration, gender-neutral language

Motor vehicle sales, disclosure of previous owner information, consent

Park rangers, gender-neutral language

Peace officers, technical correction

Pharmacy benefit managers, licensure requirements

Pharmacy benefits, patient access

Prescription drugs, distribution, insurance practices

Property valuation administrators

Psychologists, removal of outdated temporary requirement

Regulated products, gender-neutral language

Reinsurance treaties and contracts, gender-neutral language

SB 199

SB 203

SB 20/GA

SB 242/SCS 1

SB 28

SB 283

SCS 1 to HB 267

SCS 1 to HB 5

SCS 1 to SB 188

Securities, registration requirements

SEEK fund distribution, outdated language, deletion

SFA 1 to SB 344

SFA 2 to HB 193/SCS 1

SJR 58

State agencies, classification system

State agencies, gender-neutral language

State parks, capital construction funds

Technical Correcrtions

Technical Correction

Technical corrections

Technical Corrections

Technical corrections, formatting

Unemployment insurance fund, definitions, gender-neutral language

Uniform Commercial Code, technical corrections

Vehicle accident reports, law enforcement access

Veterans, gender-neutral language

Website, correction

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