Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education project, establishment

Artificial Intelligence in Kentucky's Schools project, establishment

Artificial Intelligence Task Force, establishment

Autonomous vehicle, human driver requirement, 62,000 pounds, 2035

Autonomous vehicle, local government regulation

Autonomous vehicles, authority and regulatory framework

Autonomous vehicles, driverless operation, restrictions

Autonomous vehicles, human driver, requirement

Autonomous vehicles, human driver requirement, elimination

Autonomous vehicles, insurance, minimum requirements

Autonomous vehicles, school buses, prohibition

Autonomous vehicles, two-year driver requirement, commercial motor vehicles

Bot users, duties to persons, enforcement

Digital property rights, name, voice, and likeness, commercial benefit

Discrimination based on nonuse of electronic devices for state agency services, benefits, or access

Electronic communications, employer-sponsored group health insurance

Eligible expenses, eligible caregiver tax credit

Facial recognition

Finance and Administration Cabinet, website access to information, technical corrections

Home digital asset mining and digital asset mining businesses, local noise pollution ordinance

Home digital asset mining and digital asset mining businesses, node operations, requirements

Identification device, placement on or within another person, cause of action

KentuckyCYBER, cybersecurity

Personal telecommunications device, public school student use, prohibition

Provision of social work services, telehealth

Radio frequency identification technology, public school student, parental consent

Screen time, public school students, limitations

Sexual exploitation of minors, inclusion of computer-generated image in definition of matter

Student data, public schools, digital instructional services, limitations

Student digital data, public schools, parental rights

Synthetic media, electioneering communication, prohibition

Uniform Commercial Code, emerging technology amendments

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