Trade Practices and Retailing

Banks and financial institutions, regulation

Bot users, duties to persons, enforcement

Cannabis legalization, omnibus bill

Cash, prohibition against refusal during face-to-face transactions

Cosmetologists, callus removal, permitted practices

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, vapor product and manufacturer list, establishment

Distillers, self-distribution, alcoholic beverage retailers

Emotional support animals, assistance dog rights and privileges, exclusion

Employee voting leave, requirements for employers

Financial institution names, unlawful use

Food and Drug Administration, manufacturing, harmful ingredients

Home solicitation sales, insurance, exceptions

Kentucky Prescription Drug Affordability Board, creation

Kratom products, consumer protections, establishment

Kratom, supremacy of federal regulations

Minor employment, prohibitions

Minor employment, regulations, requirements

Motor vehicle dealer, compensation from manufacturers, requirements

Motor vehicle glass insurance trade practices, regulation

Motor vehicle sales, disclosure of previous owner information, consent

Personal Data Privacy, data and information exemption

Personal Data Privacy, data processed, personal or household activity

Personal Data Privacy, Kentucky Consumer Data Protection Act

Personal data protection, consumer data privacy rights

Personal data protection, consumer data privacy rights, sale of data, opt-out requirement

Pharmaceutical advertisements, prohibition

Real estate service agreements, regulation

Residential property, roof damage, insurance claim, prohibited trade practices

Retail drink, liquor liability insurance

Retail electric supplier, certified territory, privilege to serve, property right of state

Right to repair, agricultural equipment, consumer protection

Vapor Products Business license, trade shows, Alcohol and Beverage Control

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