Alternative transportation fuels, Kentucky-grown agricultural products, state agency purchases

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, establishment

Automated license plate reader, data usage

Automated license plate reader, data usage and retention, 30-day limit, exceptions

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restriction

Automated license plate reader, data usage, restrictions on availability

Automated speed enforcement fund

Automated speed enforcement fund, establishment

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones, flashing signage

Automated speed enforcement, highway work zones, pilot program

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program establishment

Automated speed enforcement, recorded images, retention and use

Autonomous vehicle, human driver requirement, 62,000 pounds, 2035

Autonomous vehicle, local government regulation

Autonomous vehicles, authority and regulatory framework

Autonomous vehicles, driverless operation, restrictions

Autonomous vehicles, human driver, requirement

Autonomous vehicles, human driver requirement, elimination

Autonomous vehicles, insurance, minimum requirements

Autonomous vehicles, school buses, prohibition

Autonomous vehicles, task force, establishment

Autonomous vehicles, two-year driver requirement, commercial motor vehicles

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2024-2026

Branch budget recommendations

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, supplemental appropriations

Bus stations, human trafficking, signage, requirement, penalties

Child victims' trust fund special plate; requirements for cost and funds

Commercial watercraft taxes, riverport financial assistance trust fund, appropriation

County road aid, consolidated local governments, project identification, factors

Delivery network company services, regulation

Department of Highways, right of way services, brokers, appraisers

Derelict vessel removal assistance fund, establishment

Driver licensing, identity verification, birth certificate, electronic verification

Driver licensing, regional offices, location

Driver licensing services, minimum location requirements

Driver's license applicant requirement, English, literacy

Electric motor vehicles, emissions standards, restriction

Electric vehicle power tax, electric vehicle power dealer, kilowatt exclusion

Electronic Verification of Vital Events system, use, requirement

Form, development by cabinet, vehicle, transfer on death

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Governor's recommended Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2024-2026

Governor's recommended six-year road plan, last four years

Governor's recommended Transportation Cabinet Budget

Highway work zones, definition

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, increased penalties

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, penalties

Highway work zones, traffic offenses, worker present, requirement

Highways, truck tractor, trailer, semitrailer, overtaking, lane usage

Instruction permit testing, county clerks

Involuntarily towed motor vehicle, disposal

Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, confirmation, Gary Robertson

Kentucky River Authority, qualifications of members

Limited minor's farm operator's license, requirements and issuance procedure

Low-speed vehicles, safety standards

Medicaid, nonemergency medical transportation

Medical review board, creation

Motor carrier truck taxes, application, filing, and payment, procedures

Motor carriers, gross combination weight rating, definition

Motor vehicle dealer, compensation from manufacturers, requirements

Motor vehicle dealers, application for dealer plates, Social Security number requirement, removal

Motor vehicle inspections, fees, certified inspector number, electronic inspection form

Motor vehicle inspections, fees, sheriff appointed special inspector

Motor vehicle racing event, state-maintained highways

Motor vehicle registration, gender-neutral language

Motor vehicle registration, joint ownership, procedures

Motor vehicle sales, disclosure of previous owner information, consent

Motor vehicle towing statutes, penalties

Motor vehicles, emissions standards, restriction

Move over law, disabled vehicles

Municipal solid waste vehicle, license, Social Security number requirement, removal

Non-school bus passenger vehicle drivers, immediate notification to superintendent, requirement

Non-school bus passenger vehicles, driver qualifications, drug testing, license required

Non-school bus passenger vehicles, vehicles designed for 15 or fewer passengers, conditions of use

Off-highway vehicles, titling and registration

Operator's license, delinquent taxpayers, suspension, elimination

Operator's license status, notation, operator's license database

Operator's licenses, expiration, notification requirements

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles, elimination

Ownership fee, hybrid vehicles or hybrid motorcycles, elimination

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal identification cards, issuance, fee elimination

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Railroad Crossings Safety Awareness Month, August 2024, recognition

Railroads, crew size, safety, penalties

Railroads, safety, vegetation removal, requirement

Railroads, trains, safety, crew size, penalties

REAL ID Act of 2005, United States Congress to repeal, urging

Recreational vehicles, personalized license plates

Registration and renewals, Social Security number requirement, removal

Registration receipts, notation, AVIS

Road salt usage, Transportation Cabinet, study

School bus equipment, standards and specifications

School bus sensors, consideration

School bus stop arm camera, violation

School bus stop arm cameras, enforcement

School bus stop arm cameras, installation, option

School bus stop arm cameras, requirement

School bus stop arm cameras, violation

School transportation, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus vehicles

Schools, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus passenger vehicles

Solid waste management services, enforcement officers, hazardous duty retirement

Special license plate, EMS, establishment

Speed limit increase, Transportation Cabinet study

Speeding, fees and penalties for super speeders, establishment

State, county, and city roadways and bridges, lease of naming rights

Student transportation on non-school bus passenger vehicles, applicability of driver qualifications

Towed motor vehicle, disposal

Traffic control signal monitoring system, violation of KRS 189.231, civil penalty

Transportation Cabinet, branch budget bills, assistance

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet, identity documents, third-party application

Transportation Cabinet, road project

Transportation Cabinet, Six-Year Road Plan, county priority projects

Transportation Cabinet, Six-Year Road Plan, last four years

Transportation network company, liability

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, transportation services

Treatment center, chemical dependency, transportation services

Truck stops, human trafficking, signage, requirement, penalties

Truck taxes, application, denial, appeal process

Vehicle accident reports, law enforcement access

Vehicle, transfer on death

Vehicle use tax exemption, purchases by military and National Guard members from Kentucky dealers

Vehicles, windshields, sunscreening materials

Wheels, rubber covering, requirement

Work zones, safety restrictions, violations

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