Attorney General

340B covered entities, discrimination against, prohibition

Abortion-inducing drugs, investigation, complaint, establishment

Bot users, duties to persons, enforcement

Civil cause of action, consumer protection, biometric identifiers, collection practices

Consumer data privacy rights, enforcement

Consumer privacy fund, consumer data privacy rights enforcement

Consumer reporting agencies, trigger lead requirements, enforcement

Covered entities, data, duties to minors, enforcement

Dependency, neglect, and abuse cases, sovereign immunity, waiver

Digital service providers, duties to minors, enforcement

Discrimination in financial services, social credit score prohibition, enforcement

Earned wage advance transactions, maximum consideration, enforcement

Education Professional Standards Board, hearing officers

Education Professional Standards Board, hearing officers, provision

Eminent domain, negotiation recordings, submission to the Attorney General

Federal laws and regulations, unconstitutional acts, challenge

Firearms code, prohibition, enforcement

Firearms registry, prohibition. enforcement

Firearms registry, prohibition, enforcement

Foreign ownership, agricultural land, compliance, enforcement

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Hand-to-eye recount, random selection, requirements

Independent inquiry, risk-limiting audit, requirements, hand-to-eye recount

Individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, rights, enforcement

Merchant category code, prohibition, enforcement

Nonrecourse consumer legal funding, regulatory requirements

Open Records Act, official custodian database, establishment

Opioid abatement trust fund, appropriation

Personal Data Privacy, data and information exemption

Personal Data Privacy, data processed, personal or household activity

Personal Data Privacy, Kentucky Consumer Data Protection Act

Personal data protection, data privacy rights, consumer privacy fund

Public postsecondary diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, delete restriction enforcement

Public postsecondary education, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, civil action

Public postsecondary education, use of resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion, civil action


Social media accounts, parental consent, enforcement

State of air ambulance membership to Medicaid enrollee, enforcement

State/Executive Branch Budget

Time of election, even-numbered years

Treatment center, recruitment, out-of-state, Medicaid, enforcement

Working group, human trafficking, establishment

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