Campaign Finance

Campaign audits, failure to comply, penalty

Campaign consultant, registration, procedure

Candidate reporting, requirements

Candidates, spending intent form, filing deadline

Committee, treasurer, chairperson, residency requirement

Committees, contributions, expenditures, authorization

Communications, guidelines

Consultant, failure to register, Class D felony

Contribution, definition

Contributions, expenditures, limits

Contributions, legislative agents, prohibition

Expenditures, definition

Expenditures, intermediaries, prohibition

Federally registered political committees, unlimited contributions, authorization, disclosure

Funds, allowable expenditures, events, tickets, admission

General Assembly, campaign funds, allowable expenditures, legal fees

General Assembly members, allowable expenditures

Independent expenditure-only committee, definition

Independent expenditure-only committees, corporate contributions, authorization

Independent expenditure-only committees, unlimited contributions, authorization, disclosure

Political party headquarters, maintenance, permissible expenditures

Reasonable cause, definition

Registry of Election Finance, administrative hearings, procedure

Reporting requirements, candidates, slates of candidates, committees

Solicitations, contributions, certain organizations, prohibition

Unauthorized campaign committee, removal

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