Board of Claims, confirmation, Kathryn M. Thomas

Board of Claims, confirmation, Samuel T. Wright III

Civil actions, nonrecourse consumer legal funding, regulatory requirements

Crime victims compensation, award limits increase, allowable expenses, expansion

Delivery network company services, regulation

Dependency, neglect, and abuse cases, sovereign immunity, waiver

Dog bite or dog attack damages, insurance disclosures

Financial claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation

Human growth and development and human sexuality instruction, civil cause of action, removal

Human growth and development and human sexuality instruction, injunctive relief for enforcement

Liability for damage to property adjacent to Fish and Wildlife Resources-managed lands

Minor settlements, restricted accounts and annuities, requirements

Postsecondary DEI prohibitions, civil action to enforce, remove private cause of action

Postsecondary educational institutions, prohibited acts regarding ideology and political viewpoints

Public postsecondary education, use of resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion, civil action

Public postsecondary institution, differential treatment or benefits on the basis of protected class

Public postsecondary institutions, diversity, equity, and inclusion actions, retain immunities

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