Consumer Affairs

Bot users, duties to persons, enforcement

Charitable endowments, donor restrictions, action to enforce

Charitable endowments, donor restrictions, remedies

Consumer protection, biometric identifiers, collection practices, civil penalty

Consumer reporting agencies, trigger lead requirements

Covered entities, data, duties to minors

Delivery network company services, regulation

Digital property rights, name, voice, and likeness, commercial benefit

Digital service providers, duties to minors

Digital service providers, duties to minors, exemption

Discrimination in financial services, social credit score, prohibition

Earned wage advance transactions, consumer protections

Fair Credit Reporting Act, trigger leads, urging amendment

Financial institution names, unlawful use

Kratom products, consumer protections, establishment

Kratom, supremacy of federal regulations

Motor vehicle glass insurance trade practices, regulation

Motor vehicle sales, disclosure of previous owner information, consent

Personal Data Privacy, data and information exemption

Personal Data Privacy, data processed, personal or household activity

Personal Data Privacy, Kentucky Consumer Data Protection Act

Personal data protection, consumer data privacy rights

Personal data protection, consumer data privacy rights, sale of data, opt-out requirement

PFAS chemicals, product reporting requirements

Pharmaceutical advertisements, prohibition

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, trade practice requirements

Price transparency, medical services, hospitals, disclosure

Price transparency, medical services,hospitals, disclosure

Pseudoephedrine, purchase limits

Public utilities, furnishing of affordable and reliable utility service, requirement

Residential property, roof damage, insurance claim, prohibited trade practices

Residential real estate, unlawful trade practices

Right to repair, agricultural equipment, consumer protection

Solicitation of subscriptions, registration, Social Security number requirement, removal

Termination of lease, health emergency, credit report protection

Underinsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist insurer credit

Veterans' benefits, compensation for advising or assisting, prohibition

Veterans' benefits, compensation for advising or consulting, requirements

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