911 services, moneys diverted to CMRS fund for distribution for 911 services, rates

Agricultural districts, minimum acreage requirements, notification of local officials, landowners

Agritourism activity, competitions, horseracing, field trials, compliance, existing law

Agritourism activity, participation allowed

Annexation, requirements and standing

Areas for temporary camping by unsheltered homeless, require

Autonomous vehicle, regulatory authority

Board of Elections, appointees, removal, procedure

Board of elections, members, compensation increase

Board of elections, precinct locations, date established

Board of elections, voting places, safe and healthy conditions, requirement

Bond sale proceeds, working capital expenditures, payment allowance

Burial or cremation of a dead body, facilitation

CMRS grant cap, increase

Code of ethics, adoption

Commercial dog breeders, licensure

Consolidated local governments, urban service tax districts, emergency service responses

Consolidated local governments, urban service tax districts, funding

Consolidated local governments, West End Opportunity Partnership, successors, appointment

Consolidated local governments, zoning classifications

Constables, alternative training for certification

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance

Counties, solid waste management service providers, confidential business information, definition

Counties, solid waste management service providers, confidential information, nondisclosure

County board of elections, appointed members, term

Department for Local Government, lobbyist registration list, maintenance, requirement

Dogs or cats, sale restrictions, definition of hobby breeder and large-scale breeding kennel, delete

Driver licensing services, minimum location requirements

Emergency and fire districts, distilled spirits warehouses, fire protection measure fees

Emergency shelter operation, requirement

Employee access, federal tax information, Internal Revenue Service, source

Employees access, federal tax information, background check requirement

Establish areas for temporary camping by unsheltered homeless, require

Fines and fees, annual report, penalties, requirement

Fire districts, service change, downgrade of fire service rating, hearing

Firefighters, cancer screenings

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice, ability to establish

Gender-neutral language

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Grants database, link to database

Health services and facilities, certificate of need

International organizations, mandates, prohibition

Jail construction, moratorium

Jail construction, prohibition

Jails. medical services, provision

Kentucky Ohio River Regional Recreation Authority, establishment

Kentucky Product Development Initiative of 2024

Kentucky State Police post, required in most populous county

Local firearms control ordinances, permission

Local ordinances on wages and benefits

Local ordinances, restrictions on firearms

Local property tax, motor vehicle exemption

Long-term recovery groups

Master's commissioner's sale, counties with land bank authority, occupancy requirements, residential

Minimum wage, authority to establish

Minimum wage, option to establish

Occupational license taxing, after annexation

Oldham County, 200th anniversary, recognition

Open records, agency-furnished and agency-designated accounts, public business, requirement

Open records, digital communication application, employees, provide access

Open records, digital communication applications, provide

Open records, electronic communication service account, employees and officers, provide

Open records, mobile devices for employees, provide

Open records, official email accounts, employees and officers, requirement

Open records, official email accounts, requirement, penalties for violation

Open records, official email accounts, requirement, subject to inspection for violation

Ordinances relating to landlord or tenant, restrictions

Ordinances relating to rental of housing, restriction

Ordinances relating to rental of housing, restrictions

Overtime exception, sheriff's offices, county police

Peace officers, Keep Kentucky Free of Litter fund, cash award

Per diem rate, juvenile detention, method to set, establishment

Planning and zoning, facilitation of housing

Planning and zoning, objectivity in development standards

Planning and zoning ordinance violations, creation of lien

Precinct boundaries, digital file requirements

Preemption of other regulations of short-term rentals

Property tax rate levy, recall process

Property tax rate levy, recall vote, next regular election

Property taxes, installment payment program

Property valuation administrators, compensation adjustment

Public agencies, open meeting compliance, voidable actions

Public funds, use in lobbying, prohibition

Public records, public agencies, board appointments, website, publish

Quota retail package licenses, increase

Quota retail package licenses, quantity, increase

Religious freedom, protection, relief available

Residency requirement, employee or volunteer of a fire department, prohibition

Residual waste facilities, environmental remediation fee, allowable uses

Retail pet shops, sale, prohibition on local ordinance

Revenues, authority set by General Assembly, proposed constitutional amendment

School bus stop arm cameras, requirement

Solid waste management plans, residual waste generators, local determinations

Special tax districts, children's early learning services, authorization to establish

State, county, and city roadways and bridges, lease of naming rights

State of occupancy requirements, master commissioner's sale, violation, fines

Subsidy of costs of incarceration

Taxdollars, use in lobbying, prohibition

Taxes, license fees, and franchise taxes, authorization

Telecommunicators, hiring and training, requirements

Telecommunicators, training and certification, requirements

Transfers of land, subdivision, recording of plat, requirement

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