Abortion, minors, authorization

Administrative Office of the Courts, annual report, wrongful conviction compensation

Administrative Office of the Courts, cannabis related expungement process, establishment

Administrative Office of the Courts, director, fines and fees reporting, enforcement

Administrative Office of the Courts, fines and fees, annual report

Administrative Office of the Courts, fines and fees reporting, database, requirement

Administrative Office of the Courts, uniform civil citation form, creation

Adoption consent, add gender-neutral language

Adoption papers and records, inspection

Adoption papers and records, inspection, adult adopted person

Cannabis possession, personal use quantity, removal of penalties

Carjacking, creation of offense

Charitable bail organizations, prohibition, exceptions

Chief Justice's recommended Judicial Branch Budget

Child abuse, mandatory reporting, written or oral

Child custody, gender-neutral language

Child custody, gender-neutral language.

Child dependency, abuse, and neglect investigations, requirements

Child dependency, neglect, and abuse reports, accessibility

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse reports, requirements

Child support, gender-neutral language

Children and minors, certain proceedings, public attendance, rules, establishment

Children and minors, hearings, public attendance, rules, establishment

Conditions of release, bail bonds, person subject to protective order, restrictions

Death penalty, replacement with life imprisonment without parole

Discrimination based on nonuse of electronic devices for state agency services, benefits, or access

Dissolution of marriage, disposition of assets, violent felony offense, limit on insurance

Domestic violence orders, violation, criminal charges

Evidence-based programs, requirement

Exclusive jurisdiction, real estate, contractor dispute, establishment

Expungement, automatic process for eligible felony and misdemeanor convictions

Fleeing or evading police in the third degree, creation of offense

Forcible entry or detainer, alternative minimum time of notice

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Guardian ad litem, domestic and interpersonal violence proceedings, minor child, fee

Guardian ad litem, domestic proceedings, minor child, fee

Immunization requirements, exemptions, action for damages

Incarcerated children, bill of rights

Incompetent to stand trial, mental condition, court-ordered exam

Informed consent, medical examinations

Interpersonal protective orders, violation, criminal charges

Intimidation, harassing communications

Judges, proceeding for libel or slander by indictment, prohibition

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial candidates, ballot requirements, form of name

Jurors, excusal, reporting requirements

Juvenile proceedings, open to public

Lawsuit, waiver, sovereign and governmental immunity

Local juvenile restorative justice committees, establishment

Marijuana convictions, expungement

Master commissioner sale, state of occupancy requirements, violation, fine

Master's commissioner's sale, counties with land bank authority, occupancy requirements, residential

Misdemeanor expungement, automatic process

Monetary amount of damage to qualify for criminal mischief offenses, reduction

Money bail, restriction to certain high-risk defendants

Murder of a first responder, creation of offense

Name change for a minor, guidelines

Name change for a minor, hearing and guidelines

Order of protection, workplace violence, requirements, establishment

Orders of protection, conviction for qualifying offense, issuance, duration

Parent or guardian, attendance at court hearings, requirement

Persistent felony offender, jury discretion for an enhanced penalty

Persistent felony offender, requirements

Personal jurisdiction over nonresidents, expansion

Pretrial release, controlled substances, referral for treatment

Pretrial release, mental health assessment, substance use disorder programs

Rebuttable presumption related to child dependency, neglect, or abuse, establishment

Religious freedom, exceptions

Religious freedom, government, define

Religious freedom, protection, relief available

Religious freedom, substantially burden, define

Sentencing, consecutive indefinite terms of imprisonment, extended term, circumstances allowing

Sexually transmitted disease, testing, requirement

Small claims division, jurisdictional threshold, increase

Statutes, rules of construction, establishment

Substance use program, alternative sentence, motion in court, requirements

Tobacco and other nicotine products, sale to or use by persons under 21, increased penalties

Travel across state lines, health services, permit

Treatment center, chemical dependency, notification of resident's departure

Treatment center, chemical dependency, recovery residence, court order violation, notification

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act

Violence reduction program, participation as a condition of probation or parole

Youthful offender, offenses involving a firearm, Circuit Court transfer back to District Court

Youthful offender, offenses involving a frearm, Circuit Court transfer

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