Drugs and Medicines

340B covered entities, discrimination against, prohibition

Abortion-inducing drugs, prohibitions, removal

Abortion-inducing drugs, unauthorized distribution, complaint, establishment

Advance care planning, guide

Alternative treatments, chronic pain

Biosimilar medicines, coverage

Cannabis, constitutional amendment, guarantee of rights

Cannabis, Controlled Substances Act, Schedule I, removal

Cannabis legalization, omnibus bill

Cannabis, personal use quantity, decriminalization

Contraceptive coverage

Controlled substance, electronic prescription, exception

Controlled substance, medication, prescription, program for synchronization, reporting

Controlled substances, penalties, reduction

COVID-19, mRNA vaccine, and COVID-19 antibodies, blood donation, blood label for transfusion

COVID-19 or mRNA vaccine, blood donation, deferral period

COVID-19 or mRNA vaccine, blood donation, donor history questionnaire

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, allowable levels in workers' compensation drug test

E-liquids and vapor products, sale and distribution, penalties

Emergency use drugs, devices, or biologics, information

FDA-approved antiobesity medications, coverage requirement

Gene therapy or genetic change, label and informed consent, requirements

Harm reduction centers, establishment of program

Homeless shelters, personal products, provision

Hormonal contraceptives, provisions

Immunization of children, by pharmacists

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Individual-directed care, end of life

Informed consent, medical examinations

Injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Intoxicating hemp products, driving under the influence, prohibition

Jails, medical services, provision

Kentucky Prescription Drug Affordability Board, creation

Marijuana intoxication, per se limit, creation

Medicaid, disposal, payment

Medicaid managed care contracts, limit on number awarded

Medical orders for scope of treatment, form

Medical treatment, health care, right to refuse

Medroxyprogesterone ocetate treatment. sex crime against victim under 12 years old

Minimum reimbursement, prescription drugs and other services

Murder, inclusion of sale of fentanyl

Pharmaceutical manufacturer, definition

Pharmacutical manufacturer, definition

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, trade practice requirements

Postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Postsecondary education institutions, immunization requirement, exemptions

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing and rebate requirements

Prescription drugs, distribution, insurance practices

Professional dispensing fee, prescription drugs and other services

Promoting contraband, fentanyl, penalty enhancement

Pseudoephedrine, purchase limits

Step therapy protocols, construction

Syringe services programs, VA health care systems

Tobacco and other nicotine products, sale to or use by persons under 21, increased penalties

Tobacco and related products, sale and distribution, penalties

Transport across state lines, personal use, permit

Treatment center, chemical dependency, transportation services

Treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, Naloxone, utilization reviews, prohibition

Treatment of alcohol or opioid use disorder, opioid antagonist, utilization reviews, prohibition

Undesignated glucagon, diabetes, administration, prescriptive authority

Vapor Products, sales, authentication, penalties, enforcement

Workers' compensation, exception to presumption of nonwork-relatedness

Workers' compensation, illegal substances, proximate cause of injury

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