Elections and Voting

Absentee voting, qualification, convenience of the voter

Alcoholic beverages, marina sales, local option election

Attorney General, hand-to-eye recount, procedure, requirements

Attorney General, independent inquiry, requirements, hand-to-eye recounts

Ballots, straight ticket option, removal

Ballots, straight-ticket option, removal

Board of Elections, hand-to-eye recount, procedure, requirements

Campaign contribution limits, reporting requirements, candidates, slates of candidates, committees

Campaign contributions, legislative agents, prohibition

Candidacy for House of Representatives, minimum age of 18, proposed constitutional amendment

Candidate filings, reapportionment and precinct establishment, qualifications

Candidate filings, signature requirements

Candidate information, nomination, verification

Candidates, disqualification, regular election prohibition

Candidates, notification and declaration, oath, requirements

Candidates, slates of candidates, certification, date

Certification of results, procedures

Citizens Redistricting Commission, legislative and congressional redistricting, establishment

Consolidated local governments, nonpartisan requirement for mayor and council

Consolidated local governments, referendum for nonpartisan mayor and council

Consolidation of precincts, procedure

Consolidation of precincts, procedure, date applied

Consolidation of precincts, vote center, requirement

Constitutional amendment, ballot initiatives, establishment of right of the people to propose

Constitutional amendment, election year of state constitutional officers

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption for owners 65 or older, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, local taxes, submit to voters for ratification or rejections

Constitutional amendment, pardons and commutations, Governor's ability, limitation

Constitutional amendment, persons entitled to vote, non-citizen, prohibition

Constitutional amendment, property tax exemption, homesteads of veterans and surviving spouses

Constitutional amendment, property tax homestead exemption, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, tax exemption or elimination, ballot language

Constitutional convention, amendment, statewide public question, venue, establishment

Counting of ballots, sharing of results

County board, appointees, removal, procedure

County board, prize contests for students and teachers, guidelines

Designation of voting places, excused and no-excuse in-person absentee voting days

Election administration information system, definition

Electioneering, absentee drop-boxes, absentee drop-receptacle, prohibition

Eligibility to vote, proof of identification

Employee voting leave, requirements for employers

E-poll book, election administration information system, tamper or destroy, penalty, Class D Felony

Excused in-person absentee voting, pregnant voters, requirements

Expenditures, intermediaries, prohibition

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, insertion

General Assembly, constitutional amendments, substance, preparation

General Assembly, terms of members, limit

Independent school district, board of education, establishment

In-person absentee voting, extension of time, 12 working days and two Saturdays preceding

Judicial candidates, ballot requirements, form of name

Judicial candidates, vacancy in office, procedure

Judicial candidates, vacancy in office. procedure

Kentucky Board of Education, candidates, requirements

Kentucky Board of Education, membership, partisan election, 2026

Local boards of education, membership, requirements

Mail-in absentee ballots, requests, procedure

Mail-in absentee ballots, requirements

Marina alcoholic beverage sales, local option election, removal

Military-overseas ballot, federal write-in absentee ballot, inform

No-excuse, in-person absentee, elimination

No-excuse in-person absentee voting, requirements

Office of United States Senator, proclamation, issuance by Governor

Precinct boundaries, digital file requirements

Precinct election officers, Social Security number requirement, removal

President and Vice President, electors, meeting location, date

Presidential election by national popular vote, compact

Property tax rate levy, recall process

Property tax rate levy, recall vote, next regular election, ballot question revision

Property tax rate petition process, requirements

Proposed constitutional amendment, education costs

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Quota retail package licenses, local option election, subsequent increase

Ranked-choice voting, prohibition

Recount, procedure

Redistricting, Citizens Redistricting Commission, establishment

Redistricting, reapportionment, voter notice

Registration, comprehensive report, requirements

Requirements to vote, constitutional amendment

Restoration of voting rights and civil rights, automatic, constitutional amendment

Risk-limiting audit, certification of results, procedures

School council, number of parent members, modification

School council, parent membership election procedures, establishment

Secretary of State, hand-to-eye recount, procedure, requirements

Secretary of State, powers and duties, restrictions

Secretary of State, State Board of Elections, voter list maintenance, agreements

Special election, Congressional offices, remainder of term

State Board of Elections, signature rosters, precinct lists, duties, requirements

State Board of Elections, voter list maintenance, agreements

State employees, partisan political activity

Statewide offices, ballot position, determination

Synthetic media, electioneering communication, prohibition

Systems, instruction cards, education programs, requirements

Take Your Child to Vote Day, recognition

Trespass upon, e-poll book, election administration system, penalty

Vacancies, special elections in consolidated local governments

Vote centers, elimination

Voter address change, procedure, form

Voter registration, procedures, conduct of purge program by local boards

Voting equipment, video surveillance, disposal

Voting hours, extension

Voting places, safe conditions, requirement

Voting rights for felons, constitutional amendment

Voting systems, requirements

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