Alternative fuels, Office of Energy Policy, technical correction

Alternative transportation fuels, Kentucky-grown agricultural products, state agency purchases

Cellular antenna towers, owners, registry

Cellular antenna towers, public nuisance, hearing

Cellular antenna towers, siting

Cellular antenna towers, wireless radiation, registry

Chemical industry, regulations

City-owned electric utilities, requirement to form a utility board

Conventional and pumped storage hydropower, intermittent or dispatchable designation, conditions

Emergency medical or mine emergency technicians, requirement based on number of miners on shift

Energy and Environment Cabinet, reports, grammatical and technical corrections

Energy infrastructure, environmental review, federal permitting, reform

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, establishment, membership, duties

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, membership, duties

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, membership, duties, deletion

Energy Planning and Inventory Commission, membership, Kentucky residency requirement, removal

Energy Planning and Inventory Task Force, establishment, membership, duties

Environmental permit, grammatical correction, gender-neutral language

Facility, permits, technical correction

Fossil fuel-fired electric generating facilities, retirements, conditions

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development advisory board, additional legislative members

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development advisory board, membership, changes

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development Authority and advisory board, establishment, membership, duties

Kentucky Nuclear Energy Development Authority, duties, engagement with academic institutions

Mine emergency and emergency medical technicians, number on site

National Lineman Appreciation Day, recognition

Natural gas utility workers, recognition

Nuclear energy facility siting and construction, Public Service Commission, preparedness

Public Service Commission, application, final order, deadline

Public utilities, furnishing of affordable and reliable utility service, requirement

Retail electric supplier, generating capacity, purchase from ISO and RTO prohibited

Retail electric suppliers, Public Service Commission, retail service disconnection reports

Sanctuary state from EPA, Clean Air Act requirements, fossil fuel-fired plants, state jurisdiction

Solar electric generating facilities, county land area occupation, 1% cap

State/Executive Branch Budget

Use of unmanned aircraft system and recording devices, exemption

Utility disconnection requirements, electric and gas utilities

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