911 services, moneys diverted to CMRS fund for distribution for 911 services, rates

Acceptance of cash for payment of fees, requirement

Annual assessment, drug manufacturers and wholesalers, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, other

Consolidated local governments, payments to KRS ch. 75 fire districts, CPI adjustment

Cosmetology, nail technician exam retest fee capped at $35

Deferred deposit database transactions

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, kratom products, licensing

Distilled spirits, barrel fee, environmental impact

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement

Emergency and fire districts, distilled spirits warehouses, fire protection measure fees

Emotional support animals, misrepresentation, fine

Fees, state and local governmental entities, annual report

Guardian ad litem, reasonable fee, payment by Finance and Administration Cabinet

Heirs property research fund, county clerk fee increase, recording and indexing

Hunting and fishing licenses, current members of the Armed Forces, exemption from nonresident fees

Identity documents, issuance by county clerk

keep Kentucky Free of Litter fund, additional $100 for littering convictions

Kentucky Board of Licensure for Professional Music Therapists, establishment

Kentucky Entertainment Incentive Program, application and administrative fees

Large capacity ammunition feeding device, registration

Licensing application, nonrecourse consumer legal funding

Local license fee, gross receipts, transportation network company services, imposition

Mortgage loan companies and brokers, application and annual assessment

New tire fee extension

New tire fee extension, provisions removal

New tire fee, extension till July 1, 2026

New tire fee, extension to July 1, 2026

Nonprofit fire departments, charges to nonsubscribers for services rendered

Offender employment and licensure, eligibility determination

Personal identification cards, issuance, fee elimination

Personalized and special motor vehicle license plates

Reinstatement fee, registration revocation

Sanitation districts, sewer charges, imposition requirements

Short-term rentals, authorization subject to permitting

Super speeding, establishment

Veterans' benefits, compensation for advising or assisting in procurement, prohibition

Veterans' benefits, compensation for advising or consulting, requirements

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