Fiscal Note

340B covered entities, discrimination against, prohibition

988 suicide and crisis lifeline fund, establishment

Aerospace Education Reinvestment Opportunity Act

Agricultural land transactions, affidavit, prohibited countries, liability exemptions

Asset Resolution Corporation, operations

Attorney providing legal assistance under KRS Chapter 31, accepting fees, penalty reduction

Branch budget bills, technical correction

Branch budget bills, Transportation Cabinet, assistance

Branch budget recommendations, techincal corrections

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program, periodization of Bead Program funds, unserved areas

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program, prioritization of Bead Program funds, unserved areas

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, waiver

Career and technical education programs, funding

Cause of action, wrongful conviction, participation in health plan, removal

Certified rehabilitation tax credit, income tax

Claims against the Commonwealth appropriation of funds

Denied Agricultural land purchases, prohibited counties

Department of Education, Adult Workforce diploma Pilot Program, creation, administration

Department of Financial Institutions, assistant examiners, salary schedule

Department of Revenue reference

Department of Revenue, tax law changes and actions

Early mathematics education, kindergarten to grade three, requirements

Educational neglect, removal of child, surrender of public benefits

EMS Professionals Foundation Program fund, creation, insurance premium surcharge

Foster or adopted child, public postsecondary tuition waiver program, monthly payment, establishment

General Assembly, members, mileage allowance, Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rate

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Guardians ad litem and court appointed counsel, fee cap, increase

Health insurance, financial impact statement

Health plan, medical laboratories, any willing provider law

Homeless youth and persons, birth certificate, free access

KEES base amount and awards, KEES supplemental amount

Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, emergency medical services education grant program

Kentucky Employees Retirement System transfer of employees of the Louisville Metro Public Defender

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, rural veterinary student loan repayment

Kentucky numeracy counts fund, creation

Kentucky Product Development Initiative of 2024

Kentucky state veterans' cemeteries, National Guard and Reserves, interment eligibility expansion

Kentucky WWATERS Program, public wastewater systems, loand, eligibility, requirements

KentuckyCYBER Board member, variouus agencies

KentuckyCYBER, Council on Postsecondary Education, creation

Licensed certified professional midwifes, Medical coverage

Limited liability entity tax, exemption, gross receipts less than $100,000

Livestock practitioner, Rural Veterinary Student Loan Repayment Program, underserved rural area

Louisville Metro Public Defender's Office, transition to the Department of Public Advocacy

Maternity benefits

Military pensions, income tax exclusion

New tire fee, petroleum storage tank account, small operator tank assistance

Nonprofit educational, charitable, and religious organizations, sales and use tax, sales exemption

Operator's license application processing, county clerk fees

Personal data protection, data pricacy rights, consumer privacy fund

Personal identification cards, issuance, fee elimination

Pharmacy benefits, patient access

Prevailing wage, public works, establishment

Property insurance, requirements, FORTIFIED homes

Property tax, homestead exemption amount

Property tax, homestead exemption amount, proposed constitutional amendment

Property taxation, real property definition, mains, pipes, pipelines, and conduits

Property taxes, motor vehicle exemption

Property valuation administrators, compensation adjustment

Refundable tax credit, dependent's qualified education expenses

Reports mandated, Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue

Research consortiums between public universities, funding, endowed research fund

Rural jobs development fund

School tax revenues, state equalization amount adjustment

School tax revenues, state equalization amount, adjustment

Strengthen Kentucky Homes Program, creation

Taxes, license fees, and franchise taxes authorization

Transfer on death, requirements

Transportation Cabinet, Kentucky Aviation Economic Development Fund, allowable uses

Work opportunity tax credit

Last updated: 7/10/2024 7:22 AM (EDT)