Parental Rights

Abuse and neglect, definition, change

Adoption consent, add gender-neutral language

Adoption papers and records, inspection

Adoption papers and records, inspection, adult adopted person

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, services offered to children, review, report

Child abuse or neglect investigation, parents' rights, agency's duty to advise

Child, best interest, factors for consideration

Child born as result of sexual assault, termination

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, income eligibility

Child custody, gender-neutral language

Child custody, gender-neutral language.

Child custody, standing, nonparents

Child dependency, abuse, and neglect investigations, requirements

Child support, gender-neutral language

Child-specific foster home, establishment

Court proceedings, termination, permissive public attendance, establishment

Covered entities, data, duties to minors

Digital service providers, parental monitoring tools

Examination or treatment, provided by public school, parental consent

Facilities use by students, individual privacy, parental request

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender-appropriate pronouns, parental request, use

Human sexuality programs, parental rights, opt out

Medicaid residential waiver services, use of video recording devices, permission

Name change for a minor, guidelines

Name change for a minor, hearing and guidelines

Newborn safety device, definition, continuous staffing exception

Nonacademic surveys, parental consent

Opt out, instruction on human sexuality, public schools, establishing

Opt out, well-being questionnaires and assessments, public schools, establishing

Paid parental leave, state employees

Parental consent, child health and mental healthcare

Public school student data, parental rights violation, cause of action

Public schools, curriculum

Public schools, parental rights, cause of action

Public schools, parental rights, provision

Radio frequency identification technology, public school student, parental consent

Rebuttable presumption related to child dependency, neglect, or abuse, establishment

Relative and fictive kin caregivers list, establishment

Relative or fictive kin foster parents, criteria

Responsible fatherhood initiative program, establishment

Responsible Fatherhood Initiative program, establishment

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Crisis line, public display in schools, requirement

School council parent member election, process

School materials, complaint process, removal

Student examinations, treatments, or surveys, specific topics, parental consent

Student well-being questionnaire, parents right to decline

Temporary removal hearing, burden of proof

Temporary removal hearing, finding of abuse or neglect

Termination, abuse and neglect

Termination, voluntary and informed consent

Termination, withdrawal of consent, notification

Tracking devices, on children, exemption from prohibition

Treatments to minors inconsistent with sex, repeal prohibition

Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Voluntary termination, consent form

Written notification, human growth and development instructional materials, minimum requirements

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