Police, State

Arrest, interference with a legislative proceeding, requirement

Automated license plate reader, data review, requirement

Background checks, private firearms sales and transfers, form

Budget Reserve Trust Fund, KSP retention bonus

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse reports, requirements

Concealed deadly weapon license, retied peace officer, firearms qualification every five years

Confiscated firearms, destruction

Confiscated firearms, destruction after auction

Corrections impact statements, additional requirements

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, law enforcement systems, information entry

Defective equipment, motor vehicle, warning

Department of Kentucky State Police, background checks, employees access, tax information

Destruction of confiscated firearms used in a homicide, require upon request of victim's family

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement

Driver education, organ donation information

Driver testing, remote testing pilot project

Duty to intervene, reporting requirements, legal and administrative protections

Expungement, automatic process for eligible felony and misdemeanor convictions

Extreme risk protection order, entrance into LINK

Firearm theft, reporting requirement

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Firearms, individual in crisis, purchase or possession, voluntary prohibition, requirements

Firearms, individuals in crisis, voluntary surrender, requirements

Firearms, voluntary restriction list, requirements

Firearms, voluntary surrender, requirements

Fleeing or evading, aggravated

Forensic lab technicians, training, repayment

Governor's recommended State/Executive Branch Budget

Hiring preference, eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, inclusion

Instruction permit testing, county clerks

Instruction permit testing, expansion

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, creation

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, reasonable cause

Kentucky IAN Alert System, creation

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, standards for police conduct

Kentucky Retirement Systems, cost-of-living adjustment for retirees

Kentucky State Police post, required in most populous county

Large capacity ammunition feeding device, registration

License to carry concealed deadly weapons, age requirement

Limited minor's farm operator's license, procedures

Mandatory training subjects, suicide prevention and intervention

Misdemeanor expungement, automatic process

Notification of homeless shelter or other lawful place, require

Operator's license skills testing, expansion, pilot program

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Policies and procedures, police officer mental health program, requirements

Retirement System, Tier 2 retirement benefits for members

Risk protection order, LINK and NICS entry

Sale of firearms, remove section

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

State/Executive Branch Budget

Telecommunicators, Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, salary supplement

Testing, remote testing pilot project

Towing companies, rate schedules, filing requirement

Towing companies, rate submissions, penalties

Traffic stop, operator's license database, AVIS

Troopers and commercial vehicle enforcement officers, base salaries, increase

Use of unmanned aircraft systems, federal, state, and local law enforcement, exemption

Verification for state postsecondary institution benefits, requirement

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