Taxation, Income--Individual

2024 toll relief tax credit

Adoption tax credit, established

Certified rehabilitation tax credit, credit transfers

Child and dependent care tax credit, refundable

Conversion of condemned property into a domestic violence shelter, tax credit

Deduction, contributions to an eligible savings account by a first-time home buyer

Department of Revenue, publication of administrative writings and tax forms and instructions

Department of Revenue, publication of tax forms

Dependent's qualified education expenses, refundable tax credit

Eligible caregiver tax credit, establishment

Exemptions, disaster response employees, removal of sunset date

Exemptions, disaster response employees, sunset date extension

Home digital asset mining, node operations, staking

Home digital asset mining, transactions under $200, exemption

Income tax, community restoration tax credit

Inheritance and estate taxes, deaths prior to August 1, 2024, application

Inheritance and estate taxes, expiration

IRC reference date update, December 31, 2023

Kentucky Saves account, tax credit and exclusion

Military pensions, income tax exclusion

Opportunity account, excluding earnings from adjusted gross income

Organ donation, tax credit establishment

Qualified broadband investment, tax credit

Qualified contribution tax credit, pregnancy resource center, establishment

Qualified contributions, tax credit

Qualified rent payments, tax credit

Refund designation, Alzheimer's Association

Refundable child tax credit

Refundable tax credit, firearm safety course

Retirement distribution exclusion

Sustainable aviation fuel consumption, feedstock production, tax credit

Tax credit, educator expenses

Tax exclusion, income earned from an eligible savings account

Tax Expenditure and Economic Development Incentive Review Board, establishment, duties

Tax increment financing, calculation of modified new revenues

Tax rate change

Tax rate reduction, calculation

Veterans' wages, exclusion from income tax

Volunteer firefighters, tax credit

Last updated: 4/14/2024 1:20 PM (EDT)